A Broadcaat Journalist who hails from the Sawla-Tuna-Kalba District and works with Rock FM at Techiman Mr Jacob Sintiku has alleged that he was assaulted by the police in Sawla-Tuna-Kalba District on 8th July, 2020 for reporting to the police that the driver of the vehicle with registration number AW-6814-15 that he was travelling with had overloaded the vehicle and speeding on the road carelessly.

Mr Sintiku said he and other passengers in the vehicle tried to tell the driver and his mate the right thing, but they became angry insulting him and the passengers.

He told Bole based Nkilgi FM that as they approached a police check point at Sawla their vehicle was stopped to be escorted by the Police to point becaus of armed robbery issues on that stretch of the raod and while they were there the mate brought some other load and put in their vehicle. He said he went to register his displeasure to the police but the said driver called one of the policemen and allegedly bribed him at the spot changing the reaction of the police.

He said the police then started talking harshly to him and finally assaulted him and locked him up that same night with the same reason that he was fighting.

Mr Sintiku said when he was asked who he is and he said he is a broadcast journalist it worsened his case and he received some more slaps from the Police. He said he and the mate were sent to the Police check point and later sent to the Sawla police cells till the following morning and people came to bail them.

Sintiku Jacob asked for the issue to be investigated by the Sawla-Tuna-Kalba District Police Commander and those who assaulted him brought to book.

Source: nkilgifmonline.com