The Aspiring Independent Parliamentary candidate for Damongo Constituency of Savannah Region Mr Tiki Dange has promised without hesitating that the people of Damongo will in 2021 have a roofing sheet (zinc) factory he promised them whether he wins the seat or not.

Mr Tiki made these comments when he stormed the studios Bole based Nkilgi Fm on 15th July, 2020 for a programme that was widely listened.

Tiki Damge who is Criminologist and Security consultant said he has made all arrangements with a Chinese company and has arranged all that is necessary and has been assured that in 2021, the factory will be ready to employ so many youth to reduce unemployment in the Constituency.

“I have spoken with a Chinese company which deal in the manufacturing of zinc roofing sheets and roofing nails and I have been assured the building will be commenced in 2021 and I believe this will employ most of the youth in Damongo to cut down unemployment”; he said.

Mr Tiki has also said on the show that politicians in Ghana have lost trust from their electorates especially the electorates in the Damongo Constituency. He said China which is one of the developed countries in the world has one of the highest populations but has been able to developed the country in 50 years.

“China now, even in the interior villages have conservatory buildings which were all done in 50 years and Ghana in my Constituency where I was born which is now over 63 years which doesn’t still have water. I am not a politician though, but I have realized that my people deserved better than this”, he said.

Mr Tiki who is a renowned international Criminologist and Security Consultant.