The National 1st Vice- Chairman of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), Chief Awudu Sofo Azorka has lambasted the electoral commission ans some party agents for kicking against the registration Fulanis in the ongoing registration exercise in the Savannah Region but had no problem registering Mrs Samaira Bawumia who is also Fulani.

According to Chief Azorka, there is no law that stops Fulanis from registering and that allowing some to register and stopping others is absurd because a Fulani is a Fulani.

He said the family of the second lady have voting rights and that those referring to them as original Fulanis should desist from calling other Fulanis in Ghana as aliens since all of them migrated from the same place and speaks the same language.

Touching on the registration exercise which entered its third week, Chief Azorka said the country for the first time is witnessing the poorest registration exercise under Jeane Mensah as the electoral commissioner alongside Bossman Asare.

He said Nana Addo has failed in almost everything ever since Ghana was mistakenly handed over to him including the registration exercise.

He accused the electoral commission of fueling the machines with alcohol which stops after working for a shorter period of time especially in the regions that are the strong holds of the NDC.

He said all the machines that are functioning very well are in the Ashanti Region and urged the President to do away with the fears since he taunts his achievements on daily basis such the 1 village 1 Dam which has miserably failed.

He again used the opportunity to appeal to the people of Ghana to come out in their numbers to register towards the send off party of Nana Akuffo Addo on December 7.

He added that the leadership of the country will best be managed by John Dramani Mahama and nothing is stopping that movement of swearing in John Mahama in January 2021.

Chief Azorka was in the Savannah Region on 13th July, 2020 to ascertain the happenings in the region after complaints of alleged busing of people who are not from the Constituency into most of the registration centers.

Chief Azorka took the opportunity alongside the Savannah Regional NDC party executives to tour some of the registration centers.

Earlier, the Savannah Regional Communication bureau of the NDC addressed a press conference highlighting some happenings in the region with regards to the Electoral Commission’s voter registration exercise especially the esports of violence and allegations that NPP members are attacking polling agents of the NDC and bringing into Damongo town thugs who are trained by the NPP to cause confusions at the registration centers and again preventing the members of the NDC from taking part in the registration exercise.

On the matter of Rejecting Fulanis from registring in the Savannah Region, the NDC said there was an ugly scene at Butei in the Yapei-Kusawgu constituency where members of the NPP were preventing residents of the Fulani extraction from registering in the ongoing voter registration exercise and they are very much surprised that members of the NPP will partake in such an illegal tribalistic discrimination when they have a whole second lady, Samira Bawumia, the wife of the Vice- President being a Fulani and votes here in Ghana.

“These Fulani’s had their parents born here in Ghana before 1957, were born here themselves, some married to Ghanaians and as such have every legal right to be registered to vote as they are Ghanaians so far as the laws of the land are concerned”; the NDC said.