Mr Issifu Seidu Kudus Gbeadese who is an aide to the Member of Parliament (MP) for the Damongo Constituency has alleged that the New Patriotic Party (NPP) Parliamentary for the Damongo Constituency and a Deputy Chief of Staff Mr Samuel Abu Jinapor “slapped and chased Kewura Jimah out of his house for allegedly stealing his bundle of dollars”.

Mr Gbeadese in a statement on 14th July, 2020 said they have learnt without surprise the activities of the NPP in Damongo in the course of the Electoral Commission registration exercise which suggest that Kewura Jimah is still working for Samuel Jinapor as an aide and has sent hom
after the MP for the Damongo Constituency Hon Adam Mutawakilu Garlus.

“In his recent post, Kewura Jimah and some of his boys alleged that Hon Garlus has imported a Mallam from Niger and stationed him in Laribanga for him to work for victory for Hon Garlus. Kewura went further to allege that same mallam was in Bole for a similar exercise for Hon Yussif Ori (MP for Bole-Bamboi)”; Mr Gbeadese said.

The Aide to the Damongo MP said although not even Kewura’s wife takes him serious, but when a witch starts to accuse clean-hearted men of eating the flesh of innocent children, you need to expose the midnight exploits of the said witch before he graduates to the next level.

“This isn’t the first time aides of Samuel Jinapor have accused Hon Garlus of witchcraft and in some cases murder. On one such occasion when the NPP Constituency executives were returning from Tamale, they involved in an avoidable accident on their way, quickly one of the aides to Samuel Jinapor, Seidu Arimiyaw, issued a lengthy statement alleging that it was Hon Garlus who was planning to kill Samuel Jinapor and his party executives. He went further to list the number of accidents Samuel had involved in so this recent one from Kewura and some of his NPP boys are not new.

“If we wanted to follow suit and list the accidents that Hon Garlus has involved in over this period, then, nobody in the NPP in Damongo would have been left out of the net of bonded witches. But Garlus believes in Allah as a practicing Muslim, so, he leaves everything into His hands”; Mr Gbeadese explained.

Issifu Seidu Kudus Gbeadese further said; “When the fish comes out from the stream and reports that the crocodile has two faces, who are you to disagree with the fish. Kewura is an aide to Samuel Jinapor and aybody who knows Kewura very well like I do, knows how he believes in juju and witchcraft. He’s only reporting to the world about where and how they import their witches turned malams”.

“The recent happenings in the ongoing voter registration exercise which Samuel Jinapor’s trained hooligans go about beating and intimidating innocent voters in Damongo is a clear testament that the NPP indeed needs bloodshed in order to win this election”; Mr Gbeadese said.