Tension is building up as Chiefs, Leaders of Youth groups, Pastors, Civil Society groups and Professionals from the Five (5) Regions of Northern Ghana have began challenging the Electoral Commission (EC) to put a stop to the new voters’ register as the people of the area will stand disenfranchised.

These groups from 4th to 5th June, 2020 have petitioned their House of Chiefs, Clergy and other stakeholders to help stop the compilation of the new voters’ register as it stands to disenfranchise many from their regions and may plunge the area into chaos.

The various groups and coalitions stated with evidence the number of peChiefs without Identity cards be disenfranchised if the new register is not stopped.

See the statistics belows follows

Upper East Region:

Total Voter Population – 708,584.
Persons without NIA Cards – 663, 508.
Total To Be Disenfranchised – 663,508 plus (93.64%).

Upper West Region:

Total Voter Population – 472,391.
Persons without NIA Cards – 447,964.
Total To Be Disenfranchised – 447,964 plus (94.83%).

Savannah Region:

Total Voter Population – 342,685.
Persons without NIA Cards – 224,613.
Total To Be Disenfranchised – 224,613 plus ( 65.55%).

North East Region:

Total Voter Population – 379,351.
Persons without NIA Cards – 255,570.
Total To Be Disenfranchised – 255,570 plus(67.37%)

Northern Region:

Total Voter Population – 981,947.
Persons without NIA Cards – 653,833.
Total To Be Disenfranchised – 653,833 plus (66.59%).

Source: nkilgifmonline.com