The Convener of the Inter-Party Resistance against the New Voter Register (IPRAN) and National Chairman of the Peoples National Convention (PNC) Mr Bernard Mornah has called on the people of the Savannah Region to rise up against any new Voters’ Register since it will disenfranchise thousands of voters.

Mr Mornah made these comments on 5th June, 2020 when he stormed the studios of Bole based Nkilgi FM with a Deputy National Secretary of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) Mr Peter Otukonor and Executives of the NDC in the Savannah Region.

“The fight against the new voters’ register is for everybody and not Mornah and Otukonor sitting here. There many NPP members who don’t have the Ghana Card and Passport and that means they don’t have the right to vote and this is why we must all rise up and support to fight against this register”; Mr Mornah said.

According to the PNC National Chairman the Electoral Commission knew they were compiling a new voters’ register but went on to do a limited registration.

He said the Electoral Commission is rejecting the birth certificate as a requisite document for the New Voter’s register and that is absurd.

“The Ghana card was born out of birth certificate but the Ghana card is accepted and the birth certificate rejected. So what logic is this?; he queried.

Mr Bernard Mornah disclosed that there is a community in the Savannah Region where no one has the Ghana card asking “does that mean nobody is voting there or what?”

Speaking on his invitation by the Police after he said; “We’ll beat and kill each other should confusion arise at any voter ID card registration centre during the forthcoming exercise”, Mr Mornah said his comment was only an advice to the EC against the compilation of a new register and that he simply said there could be chaos that could come up should it decide to go ahead with the new voters’ registration exercise.

The Deputy General Secretary of the NDC, Mr Peter Otokunor who was also in the studio of Bole based Nkilgi FM said they were in the Savannah Region to continue with the public education on the Electoral commissions idea of compilation of a New Voters’ register.

He disclosed that the money (800 million Ghana Cedis) the Electoral Commission wants to use to compile a new register can build about six ridge hospitals the NDC has built and can build over five Airports.

Mr Otokunor said the unwavering decision of the Jean Mensa-led EC to compile a new register is needless, illogical and wasteful and could spark chaos and political unrest in the country.

The NDC Deputy General Secretary further said the EC and the NPP have targeted the Regions of the North to denationalised them just because they know Northerners don’t vote for them.