By Mahama Sakara

Few weeks ago, the Savannah Regional Coordination Council inaugurated a committee to see to the ban on burning and transportation of charcoal and their related activities.

Weeks into the inauguration, a lot of burning is still been done at the full glare of all. Few questions that need answers to clear my mind are, what was the reference document to the committee?

What was the level of consultation?

Did the consultation involve the chiefs from all the traditional areas?

If yes, what was their reaction in terms of support to stop the destruction?

Were the MMDAs involved? If yes, what role we’re they given to play in it?

Was the inauguration a fun fair since no action is seen yet?

These are but few questions that are beating my imagination. Am asking these questions because, my visit to Dabouri, Jang, Jelinkon, Jentilepe, Gbiniyiri and so many other places still show that the burning still going on. The irony of the whole thing is that, those involved in the massage burning are Sisaalas from Upper West and Asante women from down south who have invaded the place with their chain saw machines, staying in the bushes and cutting down every tree available including economic tress like Shea trees, dawadawa, etc causing devastation.

The painful aspect is that the area of burning is destroyed to an extend that no farming activities can go on there fir a very long time. Am calling on authorities and all stakeholders more especially the Savannah Regional Coordinating Council, the Gonja Traditional Council, our Security, our Assemblies, Youth Groups across the Savannah enclave, etc to all wake up before our livelihoods are damaged. Upper West and East regions will tell you how they are suffering to an extend of using stalks to cook. Land has become so infertile for farming.

Let’s not watch our land move to that level.

2rd May, 2020.