The Convener For Movement Against Rigging Election 2020 (MARE-2020), Mr Issifu Seidu Kudus Gbeadese has been canvassing for support from the people of Bole to stop the Electoral Commission (EC) from rigging the December 2020 election for the NPP.

The Convener explains that the EC’s attempt to amend CI 91 to allow for only the National Identification Authority (NIA) Card and traveling passport to serve as primary identification documents for the controversial proposal to compile a new voters register, is an attempt to suppress votes and ultimately disenfranchise many people especially in the strong holds of the NDC.

The convener was on popular Bole- based Nkilgi FM yesterday, 22nd May, 2020, to further the agenda to get as many people as have not been registered by the NIA to support this movement.

Speaking on this issue on Nkilgi FM, Mr Kudus said the NPP had this agenda to pack the EC and other state institutions as part of the state capture agenda of President Nana Addo and the NPP. To this end, the removal of Charlotte Osei and others and the subsequent appointment of Jean Mensah was a grand scheme to get the EC compromised and to do the hatched job of rigging election 2020 for the NPP.

Mr Kudus Gbeadese argued that if the EC has said that the current register is bloated and by extension not credible, then, their logic is that President Nana Addo is not credible; the 275 Members of Parliament are not credible; the six regions as created out of the same register are not credible and the over 1000 Assembly Members across the country are not equally credible.

“By what figure is the electoral register bloated?”; Mr Kudus quizzed.

He added; “If the EC has any credible information about the numbers, they should file a case before the Supreme Court and get those names expunged”.

It is recalled that Mr Kudus Gbeadese wrote an article on the number of people who stand to be disenfranchised in Savannah, Northern and North-East Regions, if the Electoral Commission were to be allowed to amend CI 91 to allow for only NIA card and passport to be used as identification documents. He said about 571,976 eligible voters will be disenfranchised by the NIA and the EC if the latter were left to do their hatched job for the NPP.

According to his analysis, in Savannah Region alone, 91, 857 eligible voters will be disenfranchised per the current arrangements by the EC. This he said is unacceptable.

He said the 1992 constitution of Ghana grants every Ghanaian citizen who is 18 years and above and of sound mind to register and to vote in any election in this country, and as the parent law of the land, any subsidiary law which contravenes any part of the constitution is said to be no law.

“So, the CI 126 which sought to use only the NIA card and passport in an attempt to disenfranchise eligible Ghanaian voters contravenes the 1992 constitution even before it is pass into law; per the argument of the Convener of MARE-2020, Mr Issifu Seidu Kudus Gbeadese.

The Convener said they are set to collate names of those who have not been registered by the NIA across the Savannah Region to support his movement. He said they will ensure those people are not denied their fundamental human rights to register and to vote for a leader they want to lead them.

He ended his submission on Nkilgi FM by assuring members of NDC that Former President Mahama will be sworn in on the 7th of January, 2021 as President of this land since the NPP has failed woefully. He asked the people of Bole

“If you have not been given their $4m, your irrigation dams and your groundnut processing factory to employ over 800 youth, then the NPP has no business to be in government again.