The Supervising High Court Judge who is also in charge of Northern, Savannah and North East regions Justice Kogyapwah Richard today 18th May 2020 called on the Savannah Regional Minister and other stakeholders mission to upscale the justice system in the region.

His visit is a follow up on the Regional Minister’s passionate call on the Chief justice to put in place measures that will see to the setting up of a High Court in the region.

Justice Kogyapwah Richard said the Savannah Region capital Damongo had a Circuit Court but it’s operations were subtly halted largely due to the interference of Traditional Authorities but to pave way for the High Court system to set in, all efforts will be made to ensure the circuit court commence proceedings.

“Having seen the existing structure and taking great consideration of the level of interest exhibited by stakeholders, am convinced that Savannah region is ready for a high court and will recommend as such in my report “; says Justice Kogyapwah.

The Savannah Regional minister Hon. Salifu Adam Braimah assured Justice Richard and his team that he will employ all workable measures to ensure that everything that is required to house a High Court is made available even before the construction of the main edifice starts. This he believes will enhance faster operations of a High Court in the region.

“I am particularly pleased because the Chief Justice has swiftly responded to the plea of the people of Savannah region after a working visit last week. I am putting considerable premium on our Justice system in Savannah region because the work load on the courts in Bole and Salaga alone is unbearable and we cannot continue relying on Tamale when it comes to cases that requires the assistance of higher jurisdictions” the Minister adding “I strongly believe that after all is said and done, the existing efforts of our revered traditional authorities will be complemented”.

The Deputy Regional Minister, Hon Samuel Yeyu Tika, the Regional Coordinating Director, Alhaji Adam Mohammed Baba, the Municipal chief executive Hon. Muhazu Saed and the Municipal Coordinating Director were part of deliberations on the purpose of Justice Richards visit.

Source: /Borejinkpr Habibu Muftawu