A popular Facebook account, Alhaji Vim Asiri (Mr Yeboah Iddisah) from the Savannah Region did an unsolicited general assessment of Radio stations and their websites in Savannah Region on Facebook Wall on Tuesday 5th May, 2020.

The poll runned from Tuesday 5th May, 2020 to Friday 8th May, 2020 and this was the conclusion of Alhaji Vim Asiri (Mr Yeboah Iddisah);

“After close of polls, we conclude that NKILGI 103.7FM, BOLE is ahead of all other radio stations in Savannah Region. Thanks for the professionals who by way of response gave more insight on operations of the stations. Our next polls will focus on Gonja TV/radio programmes hosted outside the Savannah region. Thanks so much”.

Meanwhile these were all the Comments as at yesterday Friday 8th May, 2020:

Amantana Seidu:
Yagbon radio has proved to be the peoples radio in the region, their unbias in their reportage, neutral in terms of political affiliation, multi language station and best in news and entertainment..

Don- ninge Staboi:
100% Nkilgi.

Iddisah Tahiru Omega: Nkilgi stands tall

Still pending Safo Abraham: The last two nawa ooo…. they are far less proactive… but Nkilgi is on top though….

Justice Agbzuge: I think Nkligi is defining the news in Gonjaland at least for those of us outside the Gonjaland. But Jakpa has to get back

Kadriterry Mohammed: I like NKILGI FM though the don’t like my party but the stand tall…

Banku N Tilapia:
For now, NkilgiFm Bole stands tall.
Alhaji Vim Asiri their morning show and the afternoon news in both English and Gonja dilect is supper.
I wish my side chick is here to say the rest 🙏.

Dauda Ember Power: Of course Bole based Nkilgi Fm is the best in Gonjaland. It is the station with the widest coverage and there is absolutely no two ways about that.
Facts are sacred but those who want to be unnecessarily partisan about this, let them continue mocking themselves.

Hon Abu Katee: NkilGi is more professional in their programming it also has wider listeners.

A A Rahman Nanyin: Nkilgi Fm….superb morning hosts, detailed translation, advocator, entertaining, professionalism, & connecting-social media.

However, improvement in coverage to include mo/pantra, dargati,brifor, fulani in political shows would be fantastic.

As part of their CSR, I suggest they should consider partnering local NGOs to develop educational programmes for the District such as Basic schools debates/quizzes.

Mahama Haruna: Thanks for your input at bro AA Rahman Nanyin:
It is true most of the programmes of Nkilgi FM are in the Gonja language but we have programmes for the Vagla, Safalba, Dagaari and Brifor Languages.

  1. Vagla: Wednesday from 8:00pm to 9:00pm.
  2. Brifor/ Lobi: Thursday from 8:00pm to 10:00pm.
  3. Dagaari: Saturday from 9:00pm to 10:00pm.
    4: Safalba: Sunday from 8:00pm to 10:00pm.

*Note: Nkilgi FM had a Fulani programme every Sunday from 4:00 to 5:00pm but the programme was cancelled after public uproar and protests from the indigenous people. Calls to the programme were not favourable to Fulanis and were aimed at disorganising the programme.

Paschal Kipo Alhassan:
Nkilgi fm in my opinion stands tall among the rest. Reason been that, they often feature stories on national online platforms like Ghanaweb, myjoyonline, cityfm online among others. most of these stories are of top notch quality in terms of journalist standards, which often project Gonjaland to the outside world. So I Choose Nkilgi fm any day anytime based on their online platform.

Alhaj Aseaku Kylan: Nkiligi FM has got listeners participating in all their programmes thereby making most interactive Fm station in its catchment area and beyond.

Mahama Elvis: Nkilgi fm is the number one station. When you have a manager who is a reporter , a historian , a politician , a teacher above all a friend of social media what else do you expect? Their online always carry current stories.

Dauda Ember Power:
Yes Nkilgi Fm in Bole is the BEST radio station in Gonjaland and in fact one of the BEST in Ghana. I’m being very candid about this and every critical thinker and objective minded person in Gonjaland knows this.

It is also a fact that some elements in Gonjaland have gone ahead to describe that station as either John Mahamah station or NDC station. But thanks to Mahama Haruna – the general manager of Nkilgi Fm for coming out to debunk those malicious claims. These persons do not even want to hear the name of Nkilgi Fm just because they feel that the station does not want to succumb to their whims and caprices.

As for me I see those individuals as persons who are against the progress of Gonjaland and Mother Ghana as a whole. In other words, they can be best described as agents of anti-development. They are those I described in my earlier submission as being unnecessarily partisan.

In fact pettiness and selfishness is their stock in trade.
But let them be told that haters don’t win.
Nkilgi Fm shall continue to rise.

Christopher Amoako: In this age of information technology, timeliness, use of social media, coverage and accuracy are the elements that keep a media house in motion.

The truth is, Nkilgi FM has made use of all these elements and to me is on top especially on the social media front.

The furthest you go, the popular you become. The are making good use of social media to add to their jurisdictional popularity.

Thumbs up to management and workers.

I must also say that Pad FM is doing well but slow in its social media updates. Maybe because its a community radio I can’t tell.

As for Kan FM hmmmmmmm.
The ultimate is they all serve their listeners with good content. There is no winner hahaahahahaha.

Mahama Haruna: @Christopher Amoako. While I hope to see more of your criticisms to make us better, I thank you for this revealing input.

Indeed one of the most exciting parts of running a radio station is watching your listener base grow. However, if you expect your radio station to rocket in popularity overnight, you’ll be disappointed.

Attracting new listeners takes time, patience, and a few tried-and-tested tricks that the most successful radio stations use.

To help you draw in new listeners and keep the attention of your existing ones, there some foolproof ways to go about things.

Marketing is important for any radio station, however big or small.

A far easier and cheaper way to market your brand is to use social media. In fact social media can skyrocket your station and draw in new listeners.

By Marketing Your Radio station on a regular basis, you can gradually build up an audience who will do the work of promoting your brand for you.

That is one of the secrets of Nkilgi FM.

In our part of the world Facebook and WhatsApp have millions of people using their services, so it’s essential to get established on these platforms. Radio stations are supposed to create Facebook pages, to post updates, events, and news on their shows.

Radio is an audio platform, so using social media focused around the kind of content you can produce. It is an effective way of giving your listeners another way to interact with you and see you in a more casual environment. 

Sadat Asuo: You guys should check out magyk radio and see wonders.

MAGYK RADIO & TV prove your worth.

Ibrahim Ouattara Alanka:
Nkilgi Fm is top, my bro last 2wks i went to tamale n a friend of i asked me about. That dey hv been hearing of nkilgi,he want to no de district of the FM.

Zakaria S A: I have had the opportunity to listen to Nkilgi FM but not these other stations. I really enjoy listening to Nkilgi anytime I go home especially their morning newspaper review or something. I try not to miss it.

Alhaji Ibrahim Jnr: As the saying Goes,Salt doesn’t praise itself…and again there is a local adage in twi that goes like Paul ambaa ntem naanso wochen edikanfo meaning Paul came late but he still better than those that took the lead…these sayings are not to pride ourselves for been the best..but the aim is to make SR stand tall….just like Nkilgi made Bole and Gonja land proud Magyk Fm is coming to wash out the cry of media presence in Salaga East Gonja. Magyk Fm has been operating in Accra as an online radio for 8 years and counting….social media and online portal that u know,search for Magyk Radio u would find us…
It’s high time we help develop our region SR and this is the time. Currently we have a working website that is running latest relevant news across the globe and SR to be precise not neglecting the country as a whole..
Our presence on social media is very paramount and that’s what we stand for….
Alhaji Vim,am glad u are doing this but I want to beg our own people, we hearing claims that our Gonja people don’t like our own progress…so when u coming up with something big they try to bring u down….
Well it’s sad some of us don’t reside at home but we thought it wise to establish a branch of our medium to our homeland Salaga…if this claim is right then pls we need to educate our people well to love their own, if u go to Sunyani today a community can have two or more Radio stations and it’s not to kill the other but to help in information sharing and education and at least makes the community feel alive.
We are in SR to stair positive outcome we shall not disappoint…🙏 watch out for 101.9Mhz Salaga Your Power Stereo 100%Salaga owned Fm station…

Gbelinyari Nwaangu Jacob: NKILGI FM stands as the tallest. Their programming is standard! You cannot appear to face any of their presenters unprepared, you would be exposed badly.

I also cherish NKILGI FM as a result of their lives saving stories like that of their Snake story.

Kassim Abdulai Nelly: Nkilgi FM 100%

They have their correspondents across the Region and they give reports as it happens

Mahama Haruna: I am humbled by most of the comments here. All the commendations are a a result of a strong team.

Nkilgi FM is opened to criticism and inputs into our programmes so as to serve our people well.

We came to the Radio landscape in the Savannah Region in June 2016 not to be the best but to help educate, inform and entertain our people. Four years down the lane we are receiving prraises, commendations and awards. We thank God.

Going by the comments here, Nkilgi FM can be said to be the number one Radio station in the Savannah Region.

We will continue to to do our best to bring a difference to Radio in our part of the word.

Amidu M Yakubu: Nkilgi FM wo ye bue

El Messy Ahmed Rodriguez: Alhaji,please tell Nkilgi FM manager that sports programs on weekend is insufficient for his thousands of listeners. The old men and women in Savannah region rely on Nkilgi FM for their sports update. We thank Allah for bringing such a wide development oriented tool to this part of the world.
It is Nkilgi FM and the rest, no hard feelings, no hatred.
Even those who can’t speak Gonja,find time to listen to Nkilgi FM, it’s coverage is very wide, online portals unique and wonderful reception from its workers. Stimulus packages like AIRTIME to serial callers on occasion days, T shirts to workers and callers,motor bikes to all workers and now a bus to convey and connect people to the world. Manager, manager you do all.