Cut shea tree

By Al- Hassan Adinan

I’ve been hard pressed as to just how I could write and to remind sons and daughters of savanna Region on what’s at stake.

Everyone of us is responsible for leading the fight against injustice and discrimination in the natural environment and in daily life’s for acting in a way that represents who we are, that represents Savanna Region, that represents the communities that is Youth of Jakpa, Kamara, and other groups loved so much.

It is with a heavy heart that, the destruction of SHEA NUT-TREES continues in large quantities and this is extremely dangerous to our future climate change resilience, Agricultural, Food and Security. Shea trees are native to our area.

Organic Shea products are are powerful both physically and spiritually. But as a Community and as a Region, together we will rise from this darkness stronger and more unified than ever before.

That is who we are because we have the means and capacity to deal with our own problems if we find the political will by listing to ourselves and have the courage to hold our traditional rulers, opinion leaders accountable.

Today the actions of one community (BOLE) can often have a decisive effect on the lives of people in other community (DAMONGO), so does it not own some account to those other communities and their forks as well as its own?

On this moment we need to take into account the views of pressure groups, (Kamara Youth, Damongo Youth, Bole Youth, Busunu Youth, Buipe Youth, Yapei, Salaga, Daboya etc) political activists, Labour groups, area Youth associates and all the myriad forms in which people come together voluntarily to think about or try to change the world.

They all have the capacity to influence political processes. The bravery of pro environmentalists and conservationists protest in our Communities reminds us of is at stake. It would be a terrible betrayal if their hopes were to be denied by corrupt or rigged traditional rulers. In today’s world, the security of every one of us in the community is linked to that of everyone else in the next community.

We all share responsibility for each other’s security and only by working together to protect and conserve our natural resources and to make each other secure can we hope to achieve lasting security for ourselves.

Because everyday that we do nothing or too little imposes higher costs on our generation, our children and our children’s children.

We cannot wait for governments to do it all like wise we cannot call for politicians. This is happening right here people from else were and a few chiefs who are misinformed and under the influence of some arrogance strong Assembly men/women are causing great threat.

But there is certainly a point at which failure to act in the face of criminal or dangerous conduct becomes more damaging than moving forward.

17th May, 2020