The District Chief Executive (DCE) for Bole Madam Veronica Alele Heming has said that she did not order the District Director of Ghana Education Service (GES) for Bole Mr Vincent Kwesi to handover and vacate his office and that the order for him to vacate the office and hand over to a new Director is his own doing.

Speaking exclusively to Bole based Nkilgi FM Madam Alele debunked information going round in Bole District that she was responsible for the sack of the GES Director Mr Vincent for alleged insubordination for not bringing a new pickup given GES directors across the country for her to commission and do funfair with it.

The DCE explained that the Bole GES Director has been on retirement since last year and has refused to leave his office.
She said; “My Education Director has been on pension since last year (6 months or more) and he is not being paid. He is on pension and he is not going because he said there was a mistake on his birth certificate”.

The DCE asked; “Who sacks a pensioner?” She said as a Director Mr Vincent should have known that his birth certificate has a mistake and so it is irresponsible on the part of anyone to say she sacked him the GES Director.

“The GES Director should not put his problems on me”; the DCE stated.
Explaining more on the issue surrounding the GES new pickup for the Bole District, the DCE said Mr Vincent Akwesi “never told me that he got the pick up. I was asked from Accra if l received my district pick-up. All l said was that l will will call them back. I called the GES Director to find out if we got our pick. He said yes and l asked why he did not inform me. I never even called back the lady at Accra who called”.

The DCE added; “If the pick up disappears who will they ask? I have just been asked to approve money for same pickup for service in Tamale. We were here when a pick up vanished mysteriously in the Savannah region and so I need to take responsibility and precaution as the Chief Executive of the District”.

Nkilgi FM gathered that Mr Vincent Kwesi cried like like a baby after he was called on phone to immediately handover to the GES Director for the North Gonja District of the Savannah Region.

Concerned Officers of the GES in Bole District had to keep an eye on him so he does not do anything silly.

When Nkilgi FM contacted Mr Vincent Kwesi who has since left Bole he confirmed the directive for him to hand over and that it was not a sack from GES.

Mr Vincent said he was called on Thursday 19th March, 2020 and told to hand over the following day which he finds surprising and feel he has been treated unfairly.

He explained that he is currently in court contesting issues surrounding his age and retirement and was surprised recieving a call from the Northern Regional Director of GES ordering him to hand over to a new person.

Mr Vincent told Nkilgi FM he went through a series of harrassment and was not allowed to do his work properly prior to the surprising directive for him to hand over.

He disclosed how the Savannah Regional Executives of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) threatened dealing with him for doing a routine transfer of Teachers including one Hajia Zanabu. He disclosed that he was made to reverse some transfers just to save himself from threats.