The Paramount Chief of the Busunu Traditional Area of Gonja Busunuwura Monasa Jonokpowu (II) has placed a ban on group hunting on his Traditional area effective Wednesday 11th March, 2020.

Speaking to some communal hunters who arrested and escorted to his palace on Friday 13th March, 2020 the Youth of Busunu the Busunuwura said his people kept complaining bitterly of the activities of these hunters which affects their livelihood

He stated that he can not sit and watch his people perish in the hands of these lawless hunters. 

He told the communal hunters their activities are prohibited after consultations with the royal gates of Busunu,the Tindanas, Akepos, Youth groups and religious groups and so they should leave the Busunu area and never come back.

Community members then took turns to deliberate on the negative aspects of these communal hunters.

Farm lands and harvested crops of poor farmers have been burnt by these communal hunters who troup into Gonjaland from other areas in articulator and cargo trucks.

Also mango and cashew plantation in the Langantere community known as ‘Rampa Farms’ in the Busunu Traditional Area has over the years experienced seasonal and periodic burning by these hunters, hence retarding the plantations growth.

The Youth further said farmers in communities like Lorto, Dendilenpa, Mempeasem, Kojokura, Wawato, Sorto and others have equally complained of the stealing of their farm produce by these hunters.

It was also said Fulani settlements and Communities where these group hunters alight, mostly have their domestic animals killed and taken away at dust while vulnerable women and children can no longer walk to the farm or search for dry wood without being escorted for fear of being molested by these communal hunters.

The deliberations said the Communal hunters are so many in numbers that every animal they come across in the bush is chased and killed including sacred animals and others considered as totems and that has spiritual effects on the land.

Considering the above and many more, Busunuwura Jonokpowu (II) and his elders, clan heads, out-communities, the youth and so on wish to inform all, especially those into group hunting to desist from carrying their activities I’m the Busunu Traditional area or face their wrath when caught.

The practice of communal hunting (also referred to as “mob ” hunting has been the pastime of the people of the Northern Region of Ghana especially. It has recently come to the fore for all the wrong reasons primarily due to its perceived environmental impacts.

Source: Bugli Isaiah (Busunu)