Iddi Adam Osman, a Communication Team member of the New Patriotic Party NPP) and a Tutor of the Ndewura Jakpa Senior High/Technical School (NDESCO) in Damongo has in a wrote up titled; “Are We Happy as Gonjalanders with the State of the Development of Ndewura Jakpa Senior High/Technical School?” which was published by Bole based Nkilgi Fm on their website and which sought to hypocritically blame the families of late Overlords of the Gonja Kingdom instead of directing his frustration towards the very government he speaks for.

Mr Osman started teaching at this very school (NDESCO) not today.Those houses in the school he mentioned were not named after these Kings under this current administration.

Also, the Gonja Traditional Council, the Gonjaland Youth Association and those he chose to blame on the happenings in the school were alive under John Mahama when he chose not to see anything good that the Mahama government gave to his school.

It is very hypocritical reading from Iddi Adam Osman about the state of Ndewura Jakpa Senior High/Technical School as he sought to put the blame on the Gonjaland Youth Association (GLYA) and the families of late Yagbonwura’s for the supposedly poor state of NDESCO.

Why is Mr Osman not blaming his government for the neglect of the school since he saw everything wrong with what the former administration led by John Dramani did for the school? Mr Osman in so many articles labeled John Mahama as very wicked, a very “useless” president who did “Nothing” for his people including NDESCO. He has always failed to acknowledge JM and the NDC for the various projects in the school including the dormitories, classroom blocks, health centers and so on. For the records, the National Democratic Congress (NDC) and and former John Dramani Mahama have added more infrastructure to the very school Osman teaches and seek to always profess his love for. Dormitories for both Boys and Girls were constructed by John Dramani Mahama and the NDC govt. Even some of the projects (Dinning/Assembly Hall, Teachers bungalows), have been left to rot after John Drama no Mahama left power in 2016 by the very government Osman speaks for and praises all the time while attacking Mahama’s personality over nothing.

Mr Osman has forgotten so soon that NDESCO students especially the boys used to sleep and study in rubber tents before the coming into office of the very John Dramani Mahama he tagged as wicked and insult anytime he feels like attacking somebody.

It is not the Gonja Traditional Council, GLYA and the families of late Overlords of the Yagbon skin who are responsible to fix common lightening system in the school. At least the current District Chief Executive (DCE) for West Gonja was one of the longest serving teachers of NDESCO.

Iddi Adam Osman claims to love NDESCO so much but has he done to wake his own political leaders up to support the school?

A common statue for the school is taken more than a year to complete. A statue that is been mocked at by even kids who don’t know the legend, Ndewura Jakpa but can tell the difference between his image and the statue. The star feature of of a former executive of the Gonjaland Youth Association Mahama Haruna titled; “Ndewura Jakpa’s Broken Hands, Limbs and His Falling Horse with Cut Off Legs” published by the Nkilgi Fm’s website is still fresh in our minds. What has been done to complete the statue?

Iddi Adam Osman sits in the Parents Teacher Association (PTA) and Staff meetings and should do well to show us his contributions to get all the problems of the school fixed.

Is Mr Osman telling us that apart from those he is putting his blame on, students in the school do not pay PTA and House dues? Where does those money go?

On the 16th August, 2019 students had to refuse breakfast because raw tea without milk was being prepared for them for almost a whole term. They were later summoned by the bursar on that fateful morning to plead. So you mean as a teacher he does not have a responsibility? When it suits him, he blames John Dramani Mahama for all the woes in Gonjaland, at other times when the odds play at his government, he tells us that we should not do politics with everything. That is the highest form of hypocrisy, the least I can say.

Iddi Adam Osman should get his political leaders in the Constituency working and stop this hypocrisy.

By  Zion Abdul Rauf
19th September, 2019