He who laughs last the elders say laughs best, I saw Nana Addo’s laughter in his office when he was informed of his victory.

I saw his laughter and his new style of walking when he first met John mahama. Lest I forget, have you noticed his swagger in recent times, the walking rod, oops, this my okro mouth, walking stick? Nana “wo f)m”

Today, that same man trembles seeing or hearing the name Mahama. YOU MAY BE DOWN BUT NOT OUT. Time will speak for you.

When truth and lies enter a race, suprisingly,  lies take the lead, but the good news is, truth is consistent, its pace is predictable and study, it will sprout out like a mustard seed.

Lies will meet reality on the way, it cant run the straight road any more, it wobles.

It will extinct previous lies and push forth another lie to defend the former. Those who saw the initial speed that lie took and were dazed gradually see the consistency of the truth to take over.

Wipe your tears for truth is in the lead all ye who fell for the juju and tricks. Those tricks that have closed banks and businesses, destroying our health and educational facilities and other systems.

Smile all ye who prophecied against this man who willingly said “ye nim me fere titi” because your prophecy has come to pass.

I have seen people fall in pits they dug for others.

Politics may be a game of conspiracy, but let your consistency and truth be seen and known. Never use lie to destroy or campaign against anyone, you will end up like NANA

People who lie, accuse people of things they know nothing about, fear the days ahead of them

The NPP campaigned on the existence of corruption which was bought into by the media, today 3 years down the line, the ultimate beneficiary says the media should humble themselves or he will humble them. I love how time flies and how friends go seperate ways.

There is a proverb that simply says TIME WILL TELL. Indeed time is telling. Those who reduced their prices to spite the NDC because their party has won an elections, are now asking of the prices of the NDC fund raising platinum cards.

Today the ordinary Ghanian meets you on the street and greets you with a time that is beckoning, 2020 !!!

People can’t wait for that year, I am wondering the number of people who are rehearsing the dance they are going to dance on the 31st of December to welcome 2020.

My advice to all who fail in a bid, whose love proposals are turned down, who lost elections etc, know that time will vindicate each one of us. So know what you say because there are better days ahead.

I love time !!!

Kun fa Yakun

By: Godwin Ako Gunn – 11th September, 2019.