He was a package from God

To a people who never knew

He was a gift from the good Lord

To a people who wanted something new

They called him names

They roasted him in flames

He was labelled a murderer

On him they poured an evil prayer

Some tagged him a thief

His dignity slain with a mysterious Ford

His family watched with grief

Then wept and left it all to God

The elite on the fence came down

They joined his slayer all over town

They rushed to the streets to occupy

Chanting his murdered names to the sky

They turned blind

To all the trees he planted

All they would have signed

Was for his ousting to be granted

So aided the coming of a talker

In whom the land finds no walker

Now a land battles worse than heat

No one is able to find their feet

The vilified King was gone

A land brought herself misery

For a King Promise was born

And a nation is cursed with wanton thievery

By Alhassan Rabiu (August 4, 2019)