By Musah Asafo Mahama

At a time the world over stands in absolute  unanimity against a rampaging common enemy, the covid-19, and our dear nation Ghana, frantically endeavours in readiness  to battle this deadly pandemic, the chief of Tolon in the Northern Region is busily preparing to launch an attack on Wasipe (Daboya) Traditional Area in the Savannah region.

Intelligence picked on the ground point to a plan to attack and annex about six communities under the rulership of the Wasipe Traditional area. These communities include, Sisipe, Tidrope, Kuturbanchie, Kagbal, Guo and Kito. 

It must be noted, that Tolon Naa Major Sulemena has over recent times assumed notoriety for unjustifiably spitting fire and throwing about threats of invading the aforementioned communities. The difference is that this time around, he has taken his threats to a whole new level. This is clear from the evacuation of the Dagomba settler farmers in these communities to make way for the imminent attack and destruction of homes and property.

It is worth noting, that the people of Wasipe, being warriors by nature and training have in the past acted with maturity and responsibility by not playing along this alarmist, empty  and war mongering voice of the Tolon Chief. With the prevailing examples of  commendable developmental strides chieftaincy is making in some societies in Ghana, a Chief of a poor community such as Tolon must be busy learning how to be an agent of development and not a beater of war drums.

Indeed the Wasipe and Tolon had always been friendly neighbours united by marriage and their limited sources of  livelihood. However,the emergence of Major Rtd Sulemana as the Chief of Tolon birthed an ueasy era of pointless and unprovoked  hostilities between Wasipe and Tolon. His incessant threats  has left the bothering areas between Tolon and Wasipe very much a hot spot for communal voilence over the years. 

A very worrying observation is that these threats of attacks by Major Sulemana are always made whenever the New Patriotic Party (NPP) is in government. This has led many to wonder if in deed he is been used by some unseen hands in this government to forment needless trouble in the Wasipe traditional area.  

The relevant authorities must rise up and call Tolon Naa Major Sulemana to order or risk watching one man plunge many communities into blood shed and destruction of property.

The people of Wasipe and Tolon alike are peaceful and law abiding people united in poverty and underdevelopment. The harrowing and long standing effects of conflict in some parts of the Northern Ghana is very fresh on our minds. 

While we are caught up in the potentially deadly war against the coronavirus, we cannot allow backward elements among us divide our ranks and render our front vulnerable to mass attacks. 

Let peace reign now by bringing Tolon Naa Major Sulemana to order or watch Wasipe defend itself with everything it has.

7th April, 2020.


  1. Maybe you are lacking knowledge of what he is doing but not war. You these people are always looking for a way to attack Dagombas. Your actions arround those areas were never favorable to any Tolon chiefs who had ever ruled the land. But because he is resisting you are now tagging him as someone who mean war. God is watching. A war is war! And probably no one knows who will die, may you. So always look for better solutions then putting something like this on the media. Very disappointed 🤔🤔

  2. The only person who is playing war drums is the author of this article, I read this with pain and disappointment as I know the beautiful relations between the two towns of Tolon and Daboya.
    This article is sawing a seed of hatred and disunity between the two communities. U have just triggered a war with ur provoking words and fabricated lies, I want to believe that when a war start today, u the writer will likely not be part of it, so as an “educated person” (so to say) u owe our people a duty to unity and development.
    You could not point a single reason why the Tolon Lana want to attack the Daboya wura, this tell ur luck of information and with respect to the engagement of the two respected chiefs.
    What could u gain by politicizing this all important issue ?????? ( if at all there is)

    Leave the elders the play their elderly roles and allow better brains to write the news for us.
    Bow ur head in shame for ur shameful attempt to cause fear and panic among peace loving innocent people.

  3. So you guys will not state categorically what he has said or done that warrant this ignominious blog.
    You guys are writing this out of fear and attempt to tarnish the good image of our respected chief.
    Sheeeje yoli.

  4. Wasipe Is Ever Ready For him.
    If Tolon Naa wants War then War he shall Get.
    This will be his Last ever Spoken words against Gonjas.

  5. Your write up is bias.
    1. You have not include reasons Tolon chief threaten to invade Wasipe.
    2. You have use derogatory remarks,which am certain you will not be happy to read article of this sort about your chief.
    3.You claimed the NPP might have hands in the acts of Tolon Chief. Is NPP the only party in Ghana?

    From your write up, I can conclude that you are a ZABAGA (GONJA), and You are NDC member. Am I being fair to conclude this way? Try to be professional in your line of due . It is a shame on your part.

    We have heard of the several attempts made by the ZABAGSI chief at DABOYA to encroach into DAGBAN LANDS in the TOLON enclave. The Tolon chief petition government on this matter several times and yet to hear from government. Why didn’t you include that in you article?

  6. Give us a break with that ethnocentric comment of yours. People like you should be quarantined in the society to prevent people from putting what you write out there in to practice.


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