Former President John Dramani Mahama has taken up the full cost GH¢19,000 for the painting of the Bole Sudanese style Mosque, one of the oldest in Ghana.

The Bole Sudanese style Mosque (estimated to be over 400 years) partly collapsed as a result of heavy rains on 17th September, 2023.

The collapse of the Mosque, one of the few remaining old Mosques in Northern Ghana became a huge concern to many individuals and organisations within Ghana and outside with many appealing to the people of Bole not to destroy the Mosque completely as has happened to similar Mosques in the area.

A fundraising was launched by Bole based Nkilgi Fm towards restoration works on the old Mosque and it yielded about Gh¢15,000 which has been judiciously used for the restoration of the Mosque.

The Restoration work was done by Local Architects through the use of same materials used to build the Mosque over 400 years ago with the primary materials being anthills, that is known to withstand rain when caked asmaterials being anthills, which was known to withstand torrential rains and other harsh weather conditions, tree starch among others.

Nkilgi Fm launched a second Fundraising to paint the Mosque which former President John Dramani Mahama who is a native of Bole responded by donating for the painting of the Mosque.

The presentation of the money to the Chief Imam of Bole, Elders of the Bole Muslim Community and the Committee in charge of the restorarion was done by the National Democratic Congress (NDC) Chairman for Bole-Bamboi Constituency Alhaji Alhassan Kassim.

Speaking after the donation Alhaji Alhassan Kassim first thanked Bole based Nkilgi Fm for launching the fundraising which message got the Member of Parliament (MP) for the Bole-Bamboi Constituency Alhaji Yussif Sulemana who also relayed the information to former President John Dramani Mahama hence his donation of the money. He said former President paid for the total budget for the painting presented because the Mosque need to be ready before the Muslim month of fasting.

The NDC Chairman for the Bole-Bamboi Constituency reminded the Chief Imam of Bole and the Muslim Community that former President John Dramani Mahama is contesting this years Presidential elections and therefore called on the Chief Imam and the Muslim Community in Bole to continue to pray for he (John Dramani) to win the 7th December, 2024 Presidential elections. Alhaji Alhassan further told them to remember the MP for the Bole-Bamboi Constituency in their prayers so he also win massively and bring more development to Bole

Alhaji Malik Yussif, an Elder of Muslim Community in Bole who spoke on behalf of the Bole Chief Imam and the Elders said Kiapewura Mahama a son of the founder of the Gonja Kingdom, Sumaila Ndewura Jakpa, mobilised the Bole Muslim Community then to build the Bole Ancient Mosque over 400 years ago. He said Kiapewura Mahama is a direct great grandfather of John Dramani Mahama and so Mr Mahama is following the good works of his great grand fathers by donating for the restoration of the Mosque.

An Imam of the Mosque Alhaji Abdallah Nuhu Kamagtey thanked former President John Dramani Mahama for the donation. He prayed for him and also prayed for all who contributed in cash and items and those who used their labour and expertise for the restoration of the Mosque.

Alhaji Abdallah Nuhu Kamagtey said the partly collapse of the Mosque was a big worry to the Muslim community in Bole but God willing the restoration is completed and that the money from former President John Dramani Mahama would be used for the intended purpose which is to make the Bole Ancient Mosque more beautiful and majestic

Many are rejoicing that the Bole Sudanese Style Mosque, with its grand domes and intricate minarets has been restored.

The Mosque located in the predominantly Muslim area in Bole (Nyimange) has not only provided a place of worship for the community but has also attracted visitors from far and wide, marveling at its beauty and historical significance.