The National Democratic Congress (NDC) in the Daboya-Mankarigu Constituency of the Savannah region has called out the New Patriotic Party (NPP) candidates in the Constituency for organising the most expensive parliamentary candidate election in the history of the Constituency.

Samuel Yeyu Tika (Eleced NPP Candidate for Daboya-Mankarigu Constituency)

According to a press release signed by the NDC Constituency Secretary Mr. Gazari Muniru on 28th January, 2024; “We the NDC, are so disappointed in the NPP leadership in the constituency for allowing the position to be sold to the highest bidder. The motorbikes, refrigerators, TV sets, Sewing machines, and cash that exchanged hands to buy votes should be condemned by all well-meaning constituents. A constituency that lacks almost every basic thing in terms of development can witness NPP parliamentary aspirants in an open display of wealth just to be voted as a candidate, whilst the constituents are contributing from their little resources to expand their clinics, build teachers’ quarters, fix their broken down boreholes, etc is so appalling, to say the least.”

The Daboya-Mankarigu NDC added that the NPP elections is indeed a testimony that the NDC has set a good precedent after conducting one of the most peaceful primaries in the constituency, enabling the NPP to copy the NDC.

The NDC in Daboya-Mankarigu congratulated the Parliamentary candidate elected for the NPP, Hon. Samuel Tika Yeyu, who is the Deputy Chief Executive Officer of Minerals Commission but however stated that; “Hon. Samuel Tika Yeyu is not new to the NDC. The good thing is that he is one individual from the constituency who has benefited from several appointments, including
NABCO coordinator, the first and only Deputy Regional Minister for Savannah Region, and currently Deputy CEO of Minerals Commission, and yet all these appointments never reflected on the well-being of the constituents. Those who sacrificed everything for him have been left to their fate in disappointment.

According to the NDC in Daboya- Mankarigu; “with the abysmal performance of the NPP in government coupled with the track records of the NDC in infrastructural development across the constituency, the constituents are ready and willing to vote massively for Hon. Alhaji Lawyer Shaibu Mahama Obei and John Dramani Mahama, come 7th December 2024. They also caledl on all NPP members to join hands with the NDC to win the 2024 elections to bring relief to the generality of the people.

The Deputy Minister for Health and the incumbent MP for the Daboya- Mankarigu Constituency in the Savannah region Alhaji Mahama Asei Seini lost the NPP parliamentary primaries to the Deputy CEO of Minerals Commission Samuel Yeyu Atika in last Saturday’ polls.

Mahama Asei Seini lost to the Deputy CEO of the Minerals Commission after a kin contest characterized with allegations of votes buying.

Samuel Tika garnered 211 votes out of the total votes cast of 411 while his opponent, who is the seating MP had one hundred and ninety six votes (196).