The New Patriotic Party’s Youth in Daboya Makarigu Constituency of the Savannah Region has asked the public to disregard the attempt by “an unknown, faceless and ghost group in the Daboya- Mankarigu to ridicule the good name of the ‘hardworking Savannah Regional Chairman of the MPP Alhaji Iddrisu Sulemana aka Kalamonia falsely accused of engaging in tribal politics in the constituency.

A press release signed by Mr Musah A. Mumuni, Secretary to another Youth called the NPP Patriotic Youth in the Daboya Mankarigu Constituency on 3rd January, 2024 said the “Concern NPP Youth of Daboya/Mankarigu” have issued a press statement to level allegations of tribal politics against the Savannah Regional Chairman of the NPP Alhaji Iddrisu Sulemana aka Professor Kalamonia.

According to the statement, it is obvious and crystal clear that Chairman Kalamonia is by far a distinguished and substantial regional chairman which the infant region Savannah region has ever produced.

The statement added that, Alhaji Iddrisu Kalamonia is regarded and respected for his
top-notch achievements which are simply unmatched and
the Savannah regional chairman has
worked with over nineteen tribes to set his current standards within the region.

Part of the release said; “a few achievements of the Regional Chairman you can talk about is his
toil and incessant efforts in grabbing a whooping fresh new three seats for the NPP party when they only had one in the Savannah Region, as well as flooding NPP youths in Savannah Region with numerous Jobs through his tireless efforts and lobbying skills.”

The release further stated that; “His phenomenal influences brought to the Savannah region several infrastructural development and
his unifying traits in bringing calm and rest to the recent tribal feud in the North Gonja District is outstanding and his coordinated works in conducting peaceful constituency elections within the Savannah Region is superb etc.”

According to the NPP Patriotic Youth, Alhaji Kalamonia was adjudged the best regional chairman with the benchmark rating ranging from outcome of 2020 elections, relationship with chiefs, clergy and grassroots of our party and most importantly his conflict resolution abilities..

The youth group further disclosed;
“It will interest the public to know that this quack, forged and concocted allegation in this release is deliberately authored and sanctioned by faceless, cowards and conflict contractors who’s sole objective is to continually chart a divisive path for political gains. such leaders and their evil acts will be exposed in no time. Therefore,
Chairman Kalamonia by far can’t be qualified for the title of a tribalist, not today, tomorrow or even in the future.”

According to the statement, Professor Kalamonia was seen around Daboya west electoral area and invariably, the NPP inclined candidate, Mr. Issah Takora Razak won the elections.

The statement; Chairman Kalamonia on two occasions (2012 and 2016) supported hon. Samuel Tika (a Tampulma by tribe) over a Gonja candidate in both primaries and general elections and he supported Hon. Samuel Tika in kind and cash and this is public knowledge.

The Patriotic Youth said Tampulamas and Gonjas have co-existed for years in that part of the region adding; “we therefore condemn unconditionally any attempt to mud this relationship.”

The NPP Patriotic Youth added;
“The faceless individuals are probably either dishonest or pathetically insensitive.
How could they possibly be so audacious to cast such an insult on our record setting, unifying, development oriented chairman of all times.”

They NPP Patriotic Youth therefore condemn such conduct without reserve and call on such youth group if they exist to render an unqualified apology to chairman Kalamonia and the entire inhabitants of Daboya Mankaragu constituency.