Nasco Feeding Minds, a prominent advocate for community development has embarked on a project to renovate the Sawla Community Library to revive educational prospects in the Sawla-Tuna-Kalba District of the Savannah Region.

According to the Executive Director of Nasco Feeding Minds, Mr Banasco Seidu Nuhu, the initiative aims to rejuvenate the Sawla Community Library facility, once abandoned and unused by students.

Mr Banasco Seidu Nuhu said, the
comprehensive renovation seeks to create a vibrant and conducive learning environment, attracting students and community members alike.

He added; “NASCO envisions the library becoming a hub for knowledge and education, fostering a culture of learning and growth within the Sawla community. The center will be equipped with an ultra-modern computer lab for the use of students, teachers, and the general public.”

He further said, the revitalized library will introduce a range of ICT and digital innovation courses, enriching the educational landscape and providing valuable opportunities for skill development with this strategic move aligning with NASCO’s commitment to empowering communities through accessible education.

He said Community leaders and stakeholders recognize the projects potential to positively impact the lives of Sawla residents.

Adding; “The initiative signifies NASCO’s dedication to creating lasting positive change, emphasizing education as a cornerstone for community development.”

In conclusion, he said; “As the renovation progresses, NASCO invites the community to look forward to a transformed library that not only symbolizes renewal but also serves as a catalyst for a brighter educational future in Sawla. The organization remains steadfast in its mission to feed minds and empower communities through sustainable initiatives.”

He disclosed that,
funding is by TRT, an organisation based in Spain.