The Bole District Electoral Commission (EC) Officer Mr Gyedua Isaac has said that out of 77 people who filed to contest the District Assembly elections in the Bole District only 2 are women, a situation he said is worrying.

Mr Gyedua Isaac said it is only the Mandari and Sonyo Electoral areas that we have females contesting adding; “out of the 27 electoral areas only two are females, the rest are males”.

Mr Gyedua Isaac disclose this when he went to the studio of Nkilgi Fm on Saturday 16th December, 2023, to discuss the District Level Elections.

Speaking on the men Men against women participation in the Bole District (Assembly and unit), the Bole District EC officer said; “It is very interesting and one-way or the other worrying because our mothers, our ladies, our girls are not showing too much interest when it comes to occupying political positions.

He said; “When you come to the nominations we received at the district office we have 77 candidates contesting for the district assembly level elections but it will interest you to know out of the 77 candidates only two are females the rest are males, it’s quite worrying, Bole is a very big district interms of voter population and that it is quite disturbing that only two females are contestng.
He added; “it’s quite unfortunate but I will urge our Ghanaian women and ladies to take some of these positions and relations very seriously because this is how we build ourselves”.

“But going forward we will entreat and urge all our mothers and females to take some of these positions very seriously”, Mr Gyedua said.

He added that the Electoral Commission of Ghana do not write-off women because they are an integral part of elections at the District Assembly and Unit Committee level.

The Bole District EC officer further disclosed that; l “With the unit committee we have 212 males presenting themselves and for the females we have only 7, so if you look at the percentage it’s very staggering and not encouraging at all, at least in these times where all policies are geared empowering our ladies, our mothers and women to occupy political positions, we were expecting that many of our women will present themselves to build their self confidence to build that political career. Most of the big politicians started from this level and we encourage them to partake in these exercises”.

He however said; “it’s a level playing field, a fairly opportunity given to Ghanaians, and so the opportunities available for the men are the same opportunities for the women, so we are just advising them to come because there is no cost when filling your nominations”.