Choruwura Dramani Kabasagya, the Chief of the Choru Area of Gonja and Counselor at the Palace of the King and Overlord of Gonja, has issued a cautionary message to all divisional Chiefs of Gonja especially those that ascend the prestigious Yagbon skin to desist from absenting themselves from meetings and activities of the Jakpa Palace of the Gonja Kingdom.

In an exclusive interview with Bole based Nkilgi Fm on 20th June, 2023, Choruwura emphasised the importance of upholding the customs and traditions of the Gonja Kingdom and noted that in recent times, some divisional chiefs have been neglecting their responsibility to attend meetings at the Jakpa Palace, instead, they have been sending representatives, citing health concerns as their reason for absence.

He said this trend of non-attendance at meetings is unprecedented and deeply troubling to he Choruwura who is currently the longest serving Counselor of the Jakpa Palace.

He called on divisional chiefs to rally behind the current King and Overlord of Gonja Yagbonwura Bii-Kunuto Jewu Soale (I) in order to elevate the image and reputation of the Gonja Kingdom, explaining that the divisional chiefs play a crucial role in assisting the King and Overlord of Gonja in fulfilling his duties and mandates for the betterment of the kingdom. He said their active participation and support are vital to the prosperity and leadership of the Gonja Kingdom.

Choruwura emphasised that it was unacceptable for the Paramount chiefs to personally visit the Jakpa Palace only when they need something from the Yagbonwura.

Reflecting on the past, Choruwura Kabasagya recalled the enthusiasm and unity that was evident during meetings at the Jakpa Palace in those times and according to him, all divisional chiefs and their people would attend these gatherings in great numbers.

He said transportation was arranged, with traditional areas hiring vehicles to ensure their Traditional areas ‘ presence.

He said with the accessibility of personal cars for the paramount chiefs, mobilizing their people to accompany them to meetings should be more convenient than ever before.

Choruwura Kabasagya implored the divisional chiefs to revive the ancient traditions of the Gonja Kingdom and strive to elevate it to even greater heights.

He highlighted that his lamentation stemmed from his desire to uplift the welfare of the Gonja Kingdom and restore its exemplary leadership.

Choruwura added that his cautionary message is meant to serve as a reminder of the importance of unity, participation, and the preservation of customs within the Gonja Kingdom.

He hoped that the divisional chiefs will heed his words and actively engage in meetings, working together to strengthen the kingdom and secure its prosperous future.