The Savannah Regional Secretary of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Mr Issah Mohammed has said, the Savannah Regional Police Commander is become a threat to the Region he claims to be supervising.

Issah Mohammed condemned the second dawn swoop arrests at Daboya a community in the North Gonja District of the Savannah Region on 16th June, 2023 by the Police whiles indicating that the Savannah Regional Police Commander is becoming a threat to the Region.

According to Issah Mohammed, the Savannah Regional Police Commander’s disrespect to the Savannah region’s revered Traditional leaders has now become legendary.

He said, the Savannah Regional Police Commander has clearly demonstrated his willingness to destabilize the Region, indicating that, the Police Commander has
shown gross disrespect to the Savannah Region chiefs, the youth and the people of the region in general.

He averred that, Gonjas and Gonjalanders in general are very peaceful indigenes who are law abiding,
but won’t under any circumstance countenance any disrespect under the disguise of some artificial insecurity.

The Savannah Region NPP Secretary asked; “Why did you arrest 118 innocent persons after an attempted attack on the Regional Police Commander but, virtually every man on sight was arrested and brutally assaulted in this 21st century.”

A livid IssahMohammed said; “You
maimed people in such a reckless manner to create fear and panic. You kept some in custody for up to 3 days and subsequently have 21 in court. I deliberately left out the aspect of the Conflict because the Police unofficially keeps running from same and blaming their unwarranted actions on the clash of the Youth and the Police Commander”.

Issah Mohammed disclosed that, three (3) persons were shot by the Police men in some mysterious circumstance and in all these, the 3 are still hospitalized whiles the police
have no idea how the victims are battling with their lives.

He said, it had to take the whole overlord of Gonja Kingdom to send the head of the Regional Security Council (REGSE to apologise to the Police Command with the Regional Chairman, Member of Parliament (MP) for Daboya- Mankarigu and District Chief Executives (DCE) all rendering same apology.

He further said, the case between the factions is still pending in court and yet the police is back to arrest more at dawn today.

Mr Mohammed added that; “You do all these at the back of the Regional Minister who heads RECSEC.”

He further asked;
“What’s the essence of that Rambo style of arrest of otherwise innocent citizens? What’s the crime of the people of Daboya that you cannot use the law appropriately?
Are we criminals?
What is your motive in such a sensitive traditional matter?”

According to Issah Mohammed, “the point must be made clear that the Police Commander is misbehaving in the Region. He’s falling into the long held believe that He’s meddling in the traditional issues and that’s not his terrain”.

The NPP Regional Secretary who os kkown to be very hardworking and blunt reminded the Savannah Regional Commander that he must engage the people.

He said; “you are not working in isolation. this is our land and we deserve some respect if he won’t use the law appropriately”.

An old man man with BP died after falling down when the Police got near his house at Daboya.The Police on reaching the man’s house made his children to panick and werre running. The old man fell down and was rushed ro the hospital but pronounced dead.

Meanwhile the NPP on the Savannah Region said they are saddened by the “fresh raid, arrest and brutality of some Youth in Daboya- Mankarigu in the North Gonja District following the impasse in the last few weeks”.

A statement signed by the NPP Secretary for the Savannah Region Mr Issah Mohammed said the recent raid and arrest is undesirable, completely needless and a slap in the face of the progress made in the last unfortunate incident and that the raid has rather heightened the already tensed situation in the area.

Issah Mohammed exclained that; “The revered Chiefs in our dear Region including the King and overlord, Yagbonwura Bikunto Jewu Soale (I) had intervened alongside all other subjects under his rule. This followed other interventions of the Regional Minister, Regional Chairman of the NPP, MDCEs and some Members of Parliament in the Region”.

The NPP said they are shocked and surprised that in spite of all these, the Police raided the area in a similar fashion as before.

The party said; “The “Rambo” arrests and brutalities visited on our people as described is barbaric and uncivilized in modern times as ours. We condemn same in no uncertain terms”.

The NPP further said the good people of Daboya have shown decency and respect for the rule of law and should not be taken through such degrading and inhuman actions of the police and that the party is calling on the IGP and all well-meaning Ghanaians, to as a matter of urgency intervene so to restore calm in that part of the Region.

“The deployment of National Security, the Police CID in such an intimidating manner is a cause of worry to the people of the area, especially when there is no conflict in Daboya. The brutality in this era is uncalled for and must be stopped. The Savannah Regional NPP is with the good people of Wasipe and the North Gonja District in these trying moments”; the statement from Issah Mohammed note.