By Mary Korsah

Why is everything Gonja becoming an adjunct of partisan politics? Why have we allowed Gonja to degenerate to such levels? Can’t we see what other cultures and traditions do when they have their occasions?

Politicians from Gonja attend them and no partisan activities.

Why will they comply with others and deliberately and disrespectfully colour our traditional and cultural events with party colours?

Our damba, traditional funerals, enskinments etc have all become party activities.

Politics shall come, politics shall go but our tradition and culture shall remain with us and serve as our unique identity.

NPP, NDC, and the rest of the political parties and politicians from Savannah Region stay out your activities off the arena of tradition and culture of Gonjaland. Respect our tradition and culture. Respect our traditional leaders.
Dignify your tradition and culture and don’t contaminate it with partisanship.

We have had enough of pain and embarrassment.

Where is the positive influence of our education on our lifestyle now? Where are our certificates, Diplomas, 1st Fegrees, 2nd degrees, PhDs and promotions?

If you have any of these, and feel that it is about political arrogance that can feed you better than what your parents used to take care of you, my brother, my sister, you are just holding an A4 sheet paper.

If a politician is sober, tactful and diplomatic enough to win a sit or occupy a position, and you feel that insults, arrogance and disrespect is your hallmark as a “bemuso eji” I wonder where you will end.

If you feel that filling your stomach can come from only politicians, then I pity you.

Be real and appreciated by every human beings. You will become useless if many get to know that you are a sycophant.

Mostly the end of royals who do active politics is chieftency enskinment. Think of it because you can never cross traditional carpet but in politics you can.

31st March, 2023.