The Ag. Chief Director of the Ministry for Chieftaincy and Religious Affairs, Miss Lily Soale was enskinned as a Queen mother of the Bole Traditional Area in accordance to Gonja Tradition.

The enskinment of
Miss Fati Soale as Kananpewurche (Queenmother of Kananpe) was initiated by the Paramount Chief of the Bole Traditional Area, Bolewura Safo Kutuge Feso (I) and his council on 26th January, 2023. The enskinment coincided with the inauguration of the Bole Traditional Council by the Ministry of Chieftaincy and Religious Affairs and the Savannah Regional House of Chiefs at Bole.

Speaking on behalf of the Bolewura, Mandariwura Isaac Mumuni Dramani said Miss Fati Lily Soale was given the title of Kananpewurche (Queen mother of Kananpe), an important ancient community in the Bole Traditional Area because she is qualified to be a Queen mother having been she born and bred in Bole and hailing from Jagape gate, one of the three Chieftaincy gates of the Bole traditional area.

Mandariwura added that the elevation of Miss Fati as Kananpewurche is also as a result of efforts she made to project her tradition as a Gonja, and making sure the Gonja Kingdom gets more Traditional Councils under her tenure of office as Ag. Director of the Ministry for Chieftaincy and Religious Affairs.

TheMandariwura also said that even though he know the Ag. Chief Director of the Ministry for Chieftaincy will be busy in executing her office duties and may not be able to be with them, she will at least be invited once a while to come for the Annual Damba festival of the Chiefs and people of the Bole Traditional Area to perform the duties of her new status as a Queenmother.

Kananpewurche Miss Lily Soale was born in Bole to Teacher Kelly SS Soale, from the Jagape royal gate and had her basic education in Bole after which she proceeded to education at various place and currently the Ag. Chief Director of the Ministry for Chieftaincy and Religious Affairs of Ghana.

Kananpewurche Fati Lily Soale was taken through the Traditional enskinment rites after which was pronounced the Queen of Kananpe.

After her enskinment, she expressed happiness and a surprise for enskinment as Kananpewurche when she never expected to been enkinned.

An emotional Kananpewurche said she wished her late father, a royal of Bole from the Jagape gate would have been present to witnessed her day of enskinment with joy and happiness.

She promised the Bolewura and the Bole Traditional council that she will respect the and handle the chieftaincy with care and make sure that she will also be gazetted as the law requires and be part of the Bole Traditional Council.

She also promised that she will be available anytime the Bolewura needs her services in the traditional area.

She finally thanked the Bolewura and the Traditional Council members for the honour done her and will always remember home whenever she has an opportunity.