Some auctioneers from Tamale in the Northern region were stopped from taking away an old and grounded bus belonging to the Bole Senior High School (SHS).

The auctioneers on 7th April, 2022 met the school authorities with documents that indicate they can pick the grounded bus with registration number GV1652-14 at the campus of the Bole SHS.

The auctioneers explained they were in Bole last year for the farmer’s day program and met with the then Headmaster of the school Mr Albertus Mohammed Issahaku and there was an agreement they could come for it.

Some Executives of the old students Association of the Bole SHS who were alerted rushed to the campus and raised a concerned that they intend helping to maintain the bus hence will not agree for it to be taken away by the Auctioneers.

The old students submitted that they have written several letters to stakeholders requesting a bus that could support the schools activities but none has been responded to even through in recen times many new buses have been distributed to several other schools in the Savannah region.

They old students of Bole SHS said not until a new bus is brought to the school they will now allow the old bus to be taken away.

Speaking to Bole based Nkilgi, the Organiser of the Bole SHS old students Mr Sulemana Adams Pizzaro explained that they are currently soliciting for money to renovate a dilapited seven classroom block wiry the intention to maintain the bus after the school block project.

He explained that they are law abiding but would have even wish the bus is auctioned to someone in Bole but not to be taken to Tamale.

Mr Sulemana called on stakeholders like Chiefs and philanthropists to assist maintain the bus because it served a useful purpose for the School and the Bole Community.

A Youth leader in Bole Abubakari Ibrahim Kapala who also spoke to Nkilgi fm explained how they also went to the school to inform the auctioneers they will not allow the bus to leave Bole. He said they were prepared to mount a road block to stop anyone that will attempt to move the bus.

He said the bus should be auctioned to an individual in Bole or the Bole Traditional Council.