The Old students of Bole Senior High School (SHS) in consultation with the schools management have scheduled 10th to 13th March 2022 for the school homecoming programme under the theme; “Achieving Excellence, the role of Old students”.

The Chairman of the Executives of the old students Mr Issah Zakaria speaking at a meeting between the Executives of the old students and the school’s management said that Bole senior high school is 43 years old and has to be recognised as one of the excellent schools in terms of academic performance”.

He said there is the need for all old studente to come together for a way forward to the schools development and successes”.

Mr Issah Zakaria added that there was a plan to organize the 40th anniversary of the school in the year 2019 but due to Covid -19 pandemic and other challenges, the programme could not come on and so there is a need to plan for a homecoming ahead of the school’s 50th Anniversary.

Mr Zakariah said there is cloth available for purchase to be used for the homecoming and a yard is sold at GHc28.

He added that old students who completed from year 1979 to 2021 are cordially welcome to take part in the administrative plan for both the schools academic and domestic successes.

Meanwhile all year groups have been charged an amount to help grace the homecoming and to meet other demands of the institution.

On the plan of activities for the Bole SHS Homecoming, Thursday 10th March 2022 is arrival and Games with Friday 11th March 2022 being a day for a route march through the principal streets of Bole in the morning and a meeting between old students and the school management as well as interaction with the current students on campus, and cultural dances by the students in the evening.

Saturday 12th March 2022 is the Grand Durbar, finals of games and a dinner night at the Wuripe and Sons Royal Lodge (Bole Dubai). Sunday 13th March 2022 will be the departure day.

Many dignitaries have been invited both in and out of the Savannah region.