By Seidu Nurudeen
(A Citizen Not A Spectator)

Your excellency, Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia, the Vice President of the Republic of Ghana.

As H.E the President has urged all of us to be citizens and not spectators, I write with high level of humility to remind you of the promise you made to the people of Gonjaland in general and Daboya in particular about the construction of the Daboya Bridge during this year’s annual Gonjaland Youth Congress at Bole.

In your speech on Saturday 1st April you, 2021, you were very categorical that work on the Daboya Bridge will commence in June this year. This singular statement of yours; your excellency brought a lot of joy to the good people of Daboya.

Today is the 5th day of June, nothing is happening on the ground. At least we expect to see engineers and surveyors undertaken feasibility studies or the contractor clearing and preparing his yard to move in.

One may say it is early days yet, but i deem it very necessary to issue this reminder, because you are a busy man.

Your excellency, in recent times, the media has been playing back some of your failed promises you made sometimes ago, which is not good for the image of a man who is aspiring to be the next President of the Republic of Ghana.

Your excellency, we hold you in high esteem and pray and hope that the promise to build the Daboya Bridge will not be added to the heep of your failed promises.

We have started the countdown. We can assure you that daily countdown will start till the year ends.

Your excellency, please I write to remind you, never to disappoint the good people of Daboya.

We count on you sir.

7th June, 2021.