The Savannah Regional minister Hon Saeed Jibril Muhazu has hinted of a demolition exercise along all waterways in the coming days to avert future floods in the area.

The minister made the call after visiting some of the affected areas in Damongo where several houses were submerged in water following a heavy downpour last Thursday that lasted for about an hour.

Several residents were rendered homeless with many homes, shops and schools flooded in the township.

The affected areas include Canteen, Redemption Town, Fire Service, Hangarline and Soalepe with the two man-made dams in Damongo, Agric and Canteen that had dried up, suddenly became full after the downpour

Hon Saeed Jibril Muhazu speaking exclusively to Bole based Nkilgi FM indicated that some houses including shops especially those made of metal popularly known as containers have been erected on waterways will soon be demolished.

He said Damongo is developing at a very faster rate making people to put structures even at places that are supposed not to be built.

He therefore urged the town and country planning to as a matter of urgency issue demolishing permit to the affected structures as soon as possible for the action to kick start.

Meanwhile relief items are yet to be distributed to the affected homes as the Savannah Regional National Disaster Management Organisation (NADMO) director Mr Mohammed Tohir indicates that their stores are empty.

Source: Zion Abdul-Rauf