The Paramount Chief of Bole Traditional Area, Yiram Bolewura Sarfo Kutuge Feso (I) on Monday 26th April, 2021 settled a cattle market dispute between two communities, Tinga and Banda Nkwanta at his palace.

Cattle traders at Banda Nkwanta which has one of the biggest cattle markets in the Savannah Region decided to boycott the market last week over allegations of extortion and suppression from agents of the Chief of the community and as well threatened to relocate to Tinga creating a series of problems.

At a charged meeting with over 50 Fulani cattle dealers led by the Fulani Chief of Kumasi with the District Chief Executive (DCE) for Bole present, the Bolewura stated emphatically that the undesirable pace of livestock growth and development in the traditional area is attributed largely to inadequate, ineffective and inefficient policies and strategies to implement them.

The Bolewura said he does not believe in using brute force to resolve issues and a Committee made of five people each from the Tinga and Banda Nkwanta communities will be formed to represent the interest of the communities with a representative of the Bolewura’s Palace and Bole District Assembly as members to ensure both cattle markets flourish without any problems and to the benefit of the two communities.

Bolewura Kutuge Feso (I) said there was the need therefore to review the existing cattle market sub-sector policies and strategies and to design new ones to address identifiable problems and constraints.

He directed with immediate effect the implementation of the policies to sustain the cattle market located in Banda- Nkwanta and that Tinga could also have a cattle market but with understanding of different days it can operate so as to being sanity.

“My expectation is that effective
implementation of the comprehensive and coherent policies and strategies will lead to a rapid increase in the growth and development of the cattle market sub-sector in the traditional area; Bolewura said.

The DCE for Bole Madam Veronica Alele Heming urged the Cattle dealers to pay their levies to the Bole District Assembly and not to unauthorised people like the Assemblyman who she said does not represent the Asemebly on issues of revenue. He said hundreds of cattle move out of the Banda Nkwanta area without the traders paying any money to the assembly.

The DCE said what is happening in the area is a security issue and so she wanted to to convene a meeting and fortunately the issue came to the attention of Bolewura who is now handling it.

She said she wanted to engage the Police and military to handle some issues getting out of control but will now hold for the Traditional authorities to settle all issues for sanity to prevail.

The DCE also disclosed that the Bole District Assembly has completed a modern Junior High School at Banda Nkwanta for the benefit of the cattle traders and presently working on a regular Senior High school for the commmunity.