There is imminent Chieftaincy conflict at Portor which is part of Gonjaland but in the Kintanpo North Municipality of the Bono East Region following preparations to install what some termed “a parallel chief” at Portor.

Portor has long standing chieftaincy dispute for over 20 years which led to the death of 8 innocent lives and burning of 29 houses.

The King of Gonjaland Yagbonwura Tuntumba Boresa (I) set up a committee of 3 eminent chief comprising of the Paramount Chief of the Kpembe Traditional area Kpembewura Babange Ndefoso (Chairman), the Paramount Chief of the Kong Traditional area Kongwura Seidu Jenkurge (I) and the Chief of Mankango Chief Kilibuwura to resolve the issue about four years ago after the last clashes which led to loss of 2 lives and burning of 13 houses.

The committee delivered it’s judgement on the 8th of February 2021 and spelled out two key points which are; the people of Portor are one people and from the same root so therefore henceforth Portor will practice two gate system
Sarikpapong Gate and Chawachawa Gate and that the two gates should gather at Palace of the Paramount Chief of the Tuluwe Traditional area Tuluwewura Tuluwewura Soale Mbema Borenyi who has jurisdiction over Portor to determine the gate who succeed the late Chief of Portor Kwabena Nasarepe who hailed from the Chawachawa Gate.

Whiles the two gates were waiting for the invitation of the Tuluwewura to resolve the matter the Chawachawa Gate sent notice that they are going to install a new chief on Friday 19th February, 2021 because they received a phone call from the Tuluwewura giving them permission.

This led to some Citizens of Tuluwe township marching to Chama where the current Tuluwewura resides to determine whether it is true or not because the Tuluwe traditional council has successfully eskinned Bawa Awushi as Portor chief since the year 2006 and has successfully gazzeted him into Gonjaland Traditional council during the reign of Yagbonwura Doshie and he the current Tuluwewura is the fourth since then and so cannot change that decision of his predecessors.

Portor is currently tensed with the two factions reportedly arming with weapons and arrival of traditional warriors from outside Portor but around the area waiting for the final countdown on friday to clash.

Meanwhile there is an appeal and stay of execution at the Gonjaland Traditional council filed by the disputed Portor Chief Bawa Awushi for the committee to determine two main things; that he is the legitimate Chief of Portor properly installed and gazzeted by the laws of Republic of Ghana and that nobody can install a parallel chief at Portor.

The disputed Portor chief Bawa Awushi has also filed an injunction retraining any pending installation, gathering and any form of activity at Portor untill the committee led by the Kpembewura determine his appeal.

Some citizens of Portor who spoke to Bole based Nkilgi FM have called for attention and reinforcement from the Ghana Police Service to avert any clashes in the community.