The Member of Parliament (MP) for the Bole Bamboi Constituency who doubles as the NDC parliamentary candidate Hon Alhaji Yussif Sulemana on Wednesday 11th November, 2020 presented a Meat Van to the Butchers Association of Bole.

Addressing the Butchers at his residence, the Hon MP said though his party is in opposition, he has been able to purchase a Meat Van for to help the Butchers in their business.

He appealed to them to pray for the NDC to reclaim power for the betterment of our dear nation.

Alhaji Yussif Sulemana added; “Our hope is on you, pray for us to win the December elections and we shall not disappoint you “

The MP also made it known to the Butchers that, he started life as a cattle dealer when his late father was alive According to him, his father was always dealing with cows.

One of the Chief Butchers of Bole Mr Abdallah Fushieni on behalf of the Bole Butchers Association thanked the MP for the kind gesture and promised to use the Van for it’s intended purpose.

He appealed to the MP to assist them get a pumping machine at the newly built Butcher House in Bole.

Earlier on Tuesday 10th November, 2020, the Bole MP presented an amount of GHc5000 to five Bole station Youth to support them towards acquiring drivers licences . Each of the youth took home a cash amount of GHc1,000.

The MP in addition gave a cash amount of GHc1000 to the station youth to refresh themselves.

He reassured all that he is MP for Bole- Bamboi and not just the NDC.