The Savannah Region Police Commander DCOP Mr. Enoch Adutwum-Bediako has that the media is very important in crime prevention and crime reporting hence the Inspector General of Police organising workshops across Ghana through the Public affairs department.

DCOP Adutwum-Bediako said; “One report which is false can create a big confusion in a constituency and the country as a whole especially prior to the 2020 election and so the IGP thought it wise we should invite our brothers from the media and for a dialogue and to refresh our brains and know the importance of the task ahead of us” adding “So that when the time comes, we know how we go about it for a peaceful election and after the general elections”.

DCOP Mr. Enoch Adutwum-Bediako made these comments after the Savannah Region Police administration organised a one- day workshop to Train Journalists in the region on crime reporting at the ECO Club House, Damongo on 29th October, 2020.

DCOP Mr. Enoch Adutwum-Bediako himself took the Journalists through Police Mandate, Structure and Ranks; Policies of the Police Service on Media and Public engagements with other Plouce officers handling Crime Scene Management- that is the “do’s and don’ts” for the public, Journalists, MMTD, CID and Special Police Operations and Hotspots for Election 2020.

Other topics at the workshop included Voting Procedure for December 7, 2020 Election handled by the Savannah Region Electoral Commission Officer Mr Johnson Akafia and Patriotism and Media Work handled by the National Commission for Civic Education (NCCE) in the Savannah Region.

The General Manager of Nkilgi FM Mahama Haruna was selected by his colleague journalist at the workshop to present the topic Ethics Of Journalism.

Meanwhile the Savannah Region Electoral Commission Officer Mr Johnson Akafia has commended the Police administration in the Region for organising the workshop for the media and its personnel.

Speaking to the media after his presentation he said;
“What a journalist is supposed to get before going to a polling station is to obtain an accreditation from the Electoral Commission before going there. After getting the accreditation, you still need to introduce yourself on the election day, and at the cause of your to stay at the polling station, you have anything going wrong, report to the presiding officer or to the returning officer and you will have your problem resolved.

Mr Akafia also said; “All the Electoral officers are well trained and they know how to respond to any issue at the polling station on the day of voting.

The Savannah Region EC Officer further said;
“The Electoral Commission in Savannah is preparing to get it self prepared for the elections on 7th December, 2020”.