Independent Parliamentary Candidate for the Damongo Constituency of the Savannah Region Mr David Tiki Dange has Partnered C2 Stars, a Chinese/ Ghanaian Company to construct four (4) Community or Social Centers in the Damongo Constituency of the Savannah region.

Speaking exclusively to Bole based Nkilgi FM, Mr Tiki Dange mentioned Busunu, Damongo Central, Canteen and Larabanga as the beneficiary communities in the Constituency that will have this projects situated.

He added that he was in the Constituency with a Chinese investor and has concluded the processes after returning to Accra where he held a meeting with him at Tang Palace hotel Airport West Accra.

During the his short visit to the Constituency, Mr David Tiki Dange also visited Achulokura, a farming community near Damongo where he is putting up a Clinic for the people in that area.

He said the health of the people he is seeking to lead is of great concern to him and will make sure he fully furnished the clinic when it is completed to ensure quality health delivery for the people in that area.

Meanwhile, the Paramount chief of the Busunu Traditional area, Busunuwura Jonokpowu Monasa has released a parcel of land for Mr Tiki Dange to put up an Islamic/ Vocational Training School in that area to train the youth in various vocations.

Land is also expected to be released to him at Nabori near Larabanga for a similar project with Mr Tiki Dange bringing in investors to under take the two projects at Nabori and Busunu.

A Zinc factory is also going to be put up in the Damongo township by Mr Tiki Dange for the production of zinc which many of the youth of the constituency is targeted to be fully employed.