The Savannah Regional House of Chiefs has elected and confirmed five (5) prominent Chiefs to represent the region at the National House of Chiefs meetings at its maiden meeting on Wednesday 21st October, 2020 as the Bole Traditional Council boycotts the meeting.

The President of the Savannah Regional House of Chiefs, Yagbonwura Tuntumba Boresa (I) in an address read on his behalf by Buipewura Jinapor (II), Vice- President of the Savannah Regional House of Chiefs, congratulated members of the house for the excellent participation during the inauguration of the house last month that was attended by Vice- President Dr Mahamudu Bawumia and further congratulated the inauguration planning committee headed by the Kpembewura for demonstrating competence in the discharge of their duties during the ceremony.

Buipewura added that the purpose of the first ever meeting held after the inauguration is to confirm the nomination of the elected representatives of the region to the national house of Chiefs who will serve as the mouth piece of the region adding that the activity is carried out to satisfy the constitutional requirements and officially give recognition to members representing the voice of the newly created Savannah region at the national house of chiefs.

Buipewura Abudulai Jinapor (I) used the occasion to announce to the house that he (Buipewura Jinapor II) has been selected as the Vice-President of the Savannah Regional House of Chiefs and also urged members of the house to cause a change that will bring massive social, cultural, economic and traditional development to the people of the Savannah Region.

He reminded the house about the need to ensure that election 2020 is free and fair by contributing their quota through the control of their statements to the general public, preach against politics of insults and attacks and further urged the youth not to allow any politician to use them for their parochial interest to stir up any unpleasant environment before, during and after the elections since the ultimate goal for Ghana is to choose the president and members of Parliament in peace, harmony and in unity.

Elections were not conducted even though the electoral commission was at the venue as all the 5 nominated members were confirmed after the house had agreed to do so. The five prominent Chiefs include Buipewura Abdulai Jinapor (II), Kpembewura Ndefoso Babange (IV), Kikpandewura Kanyiti (II), Kongwura Jinkurge (I) and Kusawguwura Kunkarga (I).

Meanwhile the Bole Traditional Council has boycotted the meetings of the Savannah Regional House of Chiefs until a petition they forwarded to the Savannah Regional House of Chief is given attention.

A letter to the President of the Savannah Regional House of Chiefs and other stakeholders dated 20th October, 2020 and signed by Bolewura Sarfo Kutuge Feso (I) as well as other prominent Chiefs of the Bole Traditional Council said; “Reference our petition numbered BTA/SR/BOLE/GL/VOL9.2 dated 20th September, 2020 on the above mentioned subject submitted to the President of Savannah Regional House of Chiefs and copied to various institutions concerned, the Bole Traditional council and all Chiefs having observed that no attention was given to the petition submitted by the Bole Traditional Council and chiefs have resolved in no uncertain terms that members nominated from the Bole Traditional Area to the Regional House of Chiefs, Savannah Region and any other chiefs would not honour or respect any invitation or call by the Regional House of Chiefs or its surrogates until the petition is addressed”.

The letter said; “We firmly believe this petition will receive the attention it deserves so as to ensure peace and unity in Gonja Kingdom. We are also sincerely hoping for your quick response”.

A petition from the Bole Traditional Council on 20th September, 2020 signed by the Bolewura and 108 sub- Chiefs of the Bole Traditional area avers that there are certain incontrovertible anomalies inherent in regulation 12(1) (c) the L.I. 2409 which borders on the list of membership of both Savannah Regional House of Chiefs and National House of Chiefs for Savannah Region (Gonja Traditional Area), as pertained to all other Traditional Areas listed in the L.I.2409, which instrument was make on 30th, June 2020 and gazetted on 1st July, 2020.

The Bole Traditional Chiefs in their petition also said, “an illegality is the choice of Kongwura who is not even qualified to be a member of the Regional House of Chiefs in the in National House of Chiefs and so in eliminating Bolewura from the membership of the National House of Chiefs for Kong wura is another serious breach of the L.I 2409 as the five prominent divisional Chiefs who rotate to the kingship (Yagbon) of Gonja remain Wasipe, Kpembe, Bole, Tulwe and Kusawgu”.

“Therefore in attempt to replace any of these five divisional Chiefs for Kong wura or any other body in a recipe for chaos. The choice of Kong wura to the National House of Chiefs constitutes illegalities and can be contested in the court of competent jurisdiction. This situation can be avoided now and in future doing and instituting the right thing”; the petition stated.

It added; “We wish to humbly recommend and solicit the indulgence of the president of Gonja Traditional Council to look into this issue as a matter of urgency to correct the anomalies and the illegalities as pertained in L.I 2409 Regulation 12(1)(c). Bole Traditional Area is one of the largest Traditional Area in Gonja Kingdom, in view of this, more of the Chiefs in the Bole Traditional Area should be considered”.