The aspiring Independent Candidate for the Damongo Constituency of the Savannah Region Mr David Tiki Dange has urged the two major political parties, the New Patriotic Party (NPP) and the National Democratic Congress (NDC) to avoid using the Damongo Constituency to use their resources in organising clean up exercises in Damomgo instead of instead of “wasting the tax payers money on so called floats and keep fits”.

Mr Tiki said the walks and keep fits organised by the NPP and the NDC are just to test the strengths and weaknesses of the two parliamentary candidates which according to him could have provided portable drinking water for some communities in the Constituency by using the money to drill not less than four boreholes in some parts of the Constituency.

The Independent Parliamentary candidate said the strengths and weaknesses of the two candidates should be about development and not keep fits.

He said the two major political parties should use their energy and resources towards what would benefit the constituents instead of wasting of their time on what they are doing.

Earlier, the Paramount chief of the Busunu traditional area, Busunuwura Monasa Jonokpowu (II) released a parcel of land to Mr Tiki Dange for the construction of an English/Arabic Vocational School which the Independent candidate is to undertake in the Busunu traditional area.

It will be recalled that Mr David Tiki Dange announced the construction of an Arabic as well as English and Vocational/Technical School in Busunu to promote teaching and learning of languages and vocation in the Busunu traditional area during a visit to the Palace of Busunuwura Monasa Jonokpowu (II) after some religious leaders and elders of the community appealed to him to assist them in putting out a school.

The Nabori community near Damongo according to Mr Tiki will also benefit from a similar school after the community also appealed for the same assistance from him.