A former Minister of Agriculture Alhaji Mohammed Muniru Limuna has donated ten (10) HP laptop computers to the Election Directorate of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) in the Savana region

Speaking in an exclusive interview with Bole based Nkilgi FM, Alhaji Muniru said Ghana is less than one hundred (100) days to election 2020 hence his party the NDC needs all the resources it can marshal to win the election and rescue Ghanaians from the
bad leadership of the Akuffo-Addo led government.

Alhaji Muniru handed over the laptop computers to the Executive Committee of the NDC in the Savannah Region for onward distribution to all the regional and constituency election directorates of the party in the Savannah Region. He said the communication outfit of the Damongo Constituency which is his parent constituency has been recognised and given one of the laptop Computer to carry out its work.

Alhaji Mohammed Muniru further encouraged all NDC members to contribute their widows might to complete the party’s comprehensive victory in all constituencies in the region and at the National level.

The former Minister observed that the election directorates were particularly targeted to be equipped because of the important nature of their function in the upcoming elections.

In his view,
it was crucial to equip and bolster the capacity of the unit to guarantee that are ready to independently verify the accuracy of voter tabulation and results declared by the Electoral Commission.

This, the former minister asserts must start from the polling station level, through to constituency and regional levels, which then will feed into the results monitoring mechanism at the national level.

He noted that while several thousands in the NDC were working tirelessly to rescue the country from the unprecedent recklessness, nepotism and corruption of the current government, it was important to ensure that any weaknesses in the capacity of the party to collate its own results at all levels. This according to the former Minister will avoid the exploitation of such weaknesses by the New Patriotic Party (NPP) and its Electoral Commission (EC) collaborators in any election rigging plans. He believes that support such
as extended to the Savanah region will strongly anchor the grand result monitoring plans of the party by facilitating the conduct of parallel voter tabulation at the constituency and regional level.

A former deputy Communication officer for the Northern region and also a former aid to the agriculture minister, Mr Dramani Ecomog presented the computers on behalf of Alhaji Limuna Muniru to the party leadership in the region.

The Savannah Regional Chairman for the NDC, Alhaji Imoro aka “Man Blessing” thanked the former minister for his support and assured him of the party making judicious use of the computers by making sure they are used for their intended purposes.

He said victory of the NDC is less than 100 days and called on all sons and daughters of the Savannah Region especially members of the party to emulate what Hon. Alhaji Limuna Muniru has done to make sure the party in the region is well prepared for the elections by also contributing to support the party’s activities.

Source: nkilgifmonline.com