The Mandariwura of the Bole Traditional Area Seidu Awusi has described the New Patriotic Party (NPP) Communication Director for the Savannah Region Issah Mohammed as a liar for publicly stating he the Mandariwura was a former District Chief Executive (DCE) for the Bole District.

The livid Chief of the Bole Traditional area said; “Issah said I was a DCE for Bole when I have never even been an NDC Executive or Chairman. He also said I should be ignored and I am not serious” adding “is that how a politician talk?”

The Mandariwura made these comments on the sidelines of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) campaign launch for the Sawla-Tuna-Kalba Constituency of the Savannah Region on Saturday 5th September, 2020 The event that took place in the Mandariwura’s guest house in Sawla called Awusi Lodge.

The Chief bemoaned the conduct of the NPP Communication Officer for the Savannah Region
Issah Mohammed who he said was seen on video openly insulting the Mandariwura and Tunawura Mumuni Dramani of the Bole Traditional Area as well as the Secretary to the Bolewura Mr Haruna Abudulai Obey on public radio.

The Mandariwura who is the most prominent Chief in the Bole Traditional area after the Bolewura (Paramount Chief) in terms of the hierarchy of Chieftaincy in the area called on Ghanaians to be careful of politicians and political parties that spew lies.

The Chief described the NPP as an ungrateful party because they owe the Awusi Lodge which he owns an amount of Ghc6,000 after they hosted some of their party officials there during the Parliamentary primaries of the party and further disclosed that the current NPP Chairman of the Sawla-Tuna-Kalba Constituency Mr Mohammed brought a group of people that gave loans to people and up to date he has not yet paid the Awusi Lodge after accommodating them.

It would be recalled that the NPP Communication Director was heard describing with disdain the Mandariwura, the Tunawura as well as the Secretary to the Bolewura Haruna Abudulai Obey as “not serious people” and NDC party apparatchiks coursing confusion in the Bole Traditional area by conferring the title Kashintenwura (Chief of Truth) title on former President John Dramani Mahama.

Many people in the Bole Traditional area have expressed surprise over the conduct of the NPP Communication Director for the Savannah Region because the Mandariwura and Tunawura are not just prominent Chiefs but individuals who have contributed and still contributing to the development of the Traditional area.

The Mandariwura was a known building contractor and very resourceful and has a hotel (Awusi Lodge) in Sawla and and many houses and other property at Bole, Sawla and other areas.

The Tunawura on the other hand is a businessman owning one of the biggest pharmacy shops at Sawla with others dotted across the Bole area and was a DCE for the Sawla-Tuna-Kalba District.

Mandariwura Seidu Awusi called on NDC members to be patient and circumspect in their campaigns and to avoid violence and eschew provocations from their political opponents.