The Paramount Chief of Busunu Traditional Area, Busunuwura Monasa Jonokpowu (II), has cautioned citizens of his traditional area to desist from mob justice.

The Busunuwura made this remark on Sunday, August 30 2020, before sending a delegation to the Chief and people of Sumpini to ascertain the cause of events.

The people of Busunu and its environs woke up with the disturbing news of a butchered and bludgeoned woman Mma Meri Ibrahim, who was accused of witchcraft and brutally beaten with sticks and cutlass les by an angry youth of the Sumpini community, despite her pleas of innocence during the celebration of their annual Jintigi festival last night.

A local media correspondent Bugli Isaiah in a report to Bole based Nkilgi FM said Bonyantowura S. Kwakye who spoke on behalf of Busunuwura, during a visit to Sumpini; the incident area said the Paramount Chief is against the uncouth act of some the deviant youth of of the area which falls under his jurisdiction land and is therefore, advising his leaders and people to give more information on the perpetrators of the heinous crime to the necessary security agencies for investigation.

“The Busunu skins condemns mob justice in any form and it’s unlawful to take the law into your own hands to exert punishment on any accused individual without fair hearing. Be your brother’s keeper and live harmoniously with one another “; the Bonyantowura said.

The case has since been reported to the West Gonja Municipal police pending investigation.