A Deputy Chief of Staff and the New Patriotic Party (NPP) Parliamentary candidate for the Damongo Constituency of the Savannah Region, Mr Samuel Abu Jinapor has charged the Member of Parliament (MP) for the Damongo Constituency Hon Adam Mutawakilu Garlus to engage in a clean campaign devoid of peddling of falsehood in the run up to the 7th December Parliamentary elections in the Constituency.

Speaking to to the people of Sumpini Community during the commissioning of a rural electrification project over the weekend, Abu Jinapor appealed to the Imams, Chiefs and opinion leaders in the Busunu electoral area to call the Damongo MP to order since he is engaging in divisive politics.

He said the Damongo MP has on several occasions made comments against anything that he does in the constituency that benefits the people and that most of things the MP says are mostly not factual.

The NPP candidate said the MP for Damongo referred to a fully equipped ambulance that he donated to the Busunu electoral area for emergency purposes as “a hearse for carrying dead bodies”.

Abu Jinapor said the MP has been a District Chief Executive (DCE) for four years and an MP for almost eight years without thinking of buying an ambulance for the people and therefore must hail he Abu Jinapor instead of the name calling.

He said again that the Damongo MP is on record to have accused him of giving out a faulty transmitter to the people of Langatere because the community is a strong hold of the NDC and giving a very strong one to the Kabampe community because they also vote for the NPP after the MP’s initial claim of being the brain behind the ongoing rural electrification projects in the constituency which he Mr Jinapor is daring him to commission the projects if he really has hands in them.

Abu Jinapor said the time where politicians take especially the rural folks for a ride with the peddling of falsehoods are over hence the MP for the Damongo Constituency should run a clean campaign by telling the people what he has done and what he will do next when he gets the nod again.

Mr Abu Jinapor said God has already chosen who will lead the constituency and no amount of propaganda and name calling can change what God has already decided on.

He added that if it is he Garlus God has chosen, no matter what goes on in the constituency, he will be in Parliament again and if it is he Abu Jinapor, the MP can go up and down with his propaganda, he can never stop him from becoming the MP for the Constituency.

Source: nkilgifmonline.com