The Founder of the National Interest Movement (NIM), a think-tank Dr Michael Abu Sakara Foster has endorsed Mr David Tiki Dange, the aspiring Independent Parliamentary Candidate for the Damongo Constituency to represent the people of the constituency in the next Parliament after the 2020 general election elections.

Speaking in Busunu on Friday 21st August, 2020 during a courtesy call on the Chiefs and people of the Busunu electoral area, Dr Sakara Foster said the time has come for the people of the constituency to look beyond the National Democratic Congress (NDC) and New Patriotic Party (NPP) and make sure they send to parliament someone who has the people at heart and development oriented.

Dr Abu Sakara who was the 2012 Presidential Candidate of the Convention People‚Äôs Party (CPP) said he has decided not to go into any contest with a political party because he feels it is a waste of time to ”send a hyena to go and bring home meat since the meat will be consumed on the way even before it gets home”.

He continued that he has been silent all this while because he sees no need to go into any contest without the right people behind him with the foresight of development and has identified the likes of Hon.Tiki Dange as one of such people who he believes who will better represent the Damongo Constituency.

He further said the Tiki Dange he knows has a lot for the constituency especially in the area of job creation for the youth which will reduce the unemployment issues in Damongo Constituency.

He added that he believes in the development of the grassroot and encouraged the people to do away with politicians who are engaged in money sharing, distribution of clothes and maggi to constituents and rather focus on who will better their lives through bringing development to their doorsteps.

On who leads Ghana as the next President, Dr Sakara said the people should consider who has really developed the constituency and vote for him but much emphasis should be placed on David Tiki Dange as the next MP for the Damongo Constituency come 7th December 2020.

A former First National Vice Chairperson of the CPP Dr Susan Adu Amankwa urged women in the constituency to vote for the Independent Parliamentary candidate since he has a lot for the women in the constituency.

She said politics is all about development and also the welfare of the people which Tiki Dange stands for with a lot of good things in the pipeline for especially the women.

She said that the Damongo Constituency has had NDC and NPP members of Parliament representing the constituency and must now give the opportunity to a neutral person to lead them just for four years and see the difference.

Hon. David Tiki Dange, the Independent Parliamentary Candidate for the Damongo Constituency thanked Dr Abu Sakara Foster and Dr Susan Adu Amankwa for the endorsement and added his voice to the call for him to lead the Damongo Constituency since he will make sure development is brought to the doorsteps of the people.

He said the unity of the people of the Damongo Constituency going to be his major priority apart from development since NDC and NPP has over divided the people of the constituency including families which is affecting the constituency.