I have followed keenly the back and forth about the chieftaincy title confers on HE John Mahama– from the pre-arrangements to the subsequent enskinment process by the Bolewura at his palace on the 5th of August.

Sad, no sooner than the enskinment processe was over, a letter purported to be coming from the Bolewura’s palace was seen in circulation, denying any knowledge of the enskinning process.

But to keep the integrity of the palace still high, the secretary to the Bolewura Abdulai Haruna Obey immediately issued a disclaimer to the said fake letter insisting the Bolewura’s enskinment actually took place and still stands.

One would have thought, that clarification from the palace would have brought to an end a clear orchestrated propaganda to demean HE Mahama, but the NPP in the S/R, the obvious architects of the fake letter in circulation won’t let this matter rest.

I would like to put things in their right perspective since I was part of the arrangements of the visit of HE John Dramani Mahama to Bole and all places he would had visited in the Bole/Bamboi constituency.

HE John Dramani Mahama was in Bole to register as a voter and custom demands took that opportunity to pay homage to the Bolewura and his sub-chiefs.

Let it be known, HE John Mahama cancelled his visit to the Bolewura’s palace after he was told the Bolewura wasn’t at home. And was communicated to the Bolewura as such. After receiving that information the Bolewura however insisted HE John Dramani Mahama visited the palace and that his sub-chiefs will receive him. HE Mahama accepted and stormed the palace with his entourage.

The palace was filled to capacity with all who matters in the Bole traditional area. He was warmly received by his kinsmen amidst traditional accolades and appellations from the queen mothers and everybody present.

Bolewura Kutuge feso then gave a chieftaincy title to HE John Mahama and that as custom demanded the kingmakers do the necessary rituals to enskin him. This was done in the full glare of everybody present.

It is therefore shocking waking up to the news of Bolewura’s supposed denial of the tittle confirmation. The latest comming from the Bolewura’s brother one Alex, and Issah regional communication director of NPP.

In furtherance of the untruth the Bolewura’s brother by name Alex was heard granting an interview to Accra based Adom fm indicating Bolewura didn’t give any chieftaincy title to HE John Mahama.

In the Bolewura’s palace there is no position reserved for a chief’s brother, so if I may ask, in what capacity was Alex granting that interview?

The palace as an institution has a well organized structure and not a hat structure. The fact that Bolewura wasn’t present doesn’t bring to a halt activities of the palace.

Bolewura has his cabinet and takes core decisions with them. These cabinet members were all present at the palace and participated in that enskinment process.

The NPP in their press release signed by their arm chair communication director one Issah lambasted the chiefs and elders of the Bole traditional area.
Their crime? That they embarked on an illegality. As a royal from the Jaagape family of Bole sees this from Issah as an insult to our respected chiefs and would petition Yiram Bolewura Kutuge feso to call Issah to answer questions on why he disrespected skins of Bole.

But it’s refreshing Bolewura through his secretary has debunked such false stories; and as investigation has proven, the said letter (on forged letter head), Bolewura purporting to be in denial of knowledge of the enskinment process at his place, was crafted by the desperate imagination of opposition elements. And the misfit elements among them collaborated in sharing of such unscrupulous sicken act. Such a criminal act!

Let it be told to the hearing of our opponents, The Bolewura’s skin can’t be used for the NPP’s propaganda purposes and the revival of their dead political impacts in the region.

On record John Mahama is a prince and a royal, and can ascend to the highest skin of Gonja (Yagbonwura). Hence an honoured chieftaincy title isn’t a big deal.

The Bolewura has insisted that his son HE JM deserves that title and is not shy of his actions.

We therefore call on Yiram Bolewura Kutuge feso to call these perpetrators to his palace to answer such act of gross impersonation, disregard of his authority and dragging of the reverend Bole Skin into the dirty mud of politics.


R A Jalil

(Deputy Savannah Regional NDC Communication Officer)