The Inspector General of Police Mr Oppong-Boanuh on Wednesday 5th August 2020 paid a working visit to the Savannah region where he visited the Savannah Regional Coordinating Council (SRCC) and the Palace of the Yagbonwura, all in Damongo.

Upon entering, Damongo the IGP moved to the Savannah Regional Coordinating Council where the purpose of his visit was briefly captured in the introductory remarks of the Savannah Regional Police commander DCOP Bediako.

According to DCOP Enoch Bediako, the IGP’s mission was to ascertain and have an overview of the security situation in the region and primarily prepare his men ahead of elections come December 7th 2020.

The Savannah Regional minister Hon. Salifu Adam warmly welcomed the team and expressed his gratitude to the IGP for his swiftness in responding to events in the past that compromised the security of the area.

The unfortunate public torture and ridicule which led to the death of 90- year old Madam Akua Denteh was mentioned by the Minister

“I want to thank you for remaining resolute and working hand in hand with REGSEC which has actually yielded results and I know with your unfailing support perpetrators shall appropriately be dealt with by the law”; the Minister said.

Hon. Salifu Adam Braimah also used the opportunity to request for a police post in Kafaba where the unfortunate incident occurred as well as Kpalbe (North East District Capital), Kito ( East Gonja Municipal) and requested for the Police station in the capital of the North Gonja District Daboya to be upgraded and some more police posted to the District.

The minister also commended the efforts of the Regional police Commander in dealing with security issues in Savannah region.

IGP Oppong-Boanuh thanked the Savannah Regional minister for the warm reception and for creating the right environment for his men to operate. The efforts of the Savannah Regional minister (Chairman of REGSEC) in getting some perpetrators arrested with regards to the Kafaba incident was commended by the IGP.

The IGP in his remarks cautioned citizenry against mob justice and also asked for a peaceful election come 7th December 2020.

He said; “The request for the establishment of police post in some communities as requested by the minister will be heeded to as soon as I get back to Accra”.

The IGP and his team accompanied by the Regional minister proceeded to the Jakpa Palace. where the Overlord of the Gonja Kingdom Yagbonwura Tuntumba Boresah (I) in his address read by the Registrar of the Gonja Traditional Council Mr Abutu Kapori thankes the IGP for making some arrest with regards to the heinous conduct at Kafaba.

Yagbonwura also requested for some police post to be established in Makango, Kusawgu-Tulwe enclave. The King also appealed for a 24 hour police presence at the Jakpa palace.

IGP Oppong-Boanuh thanked the King for accommodating the police and giving them the needed assistance to provide security in the area.

Without delay, the IGP promised to expedite action on all the request of the Yagbonwura and ssid the Regional police Commander under his instruction will provide security at the Jakpa palace nd that a team will be sent tp prepare the grounds for the establishment of all the police post the Yagbonwura asked for.

Source: /Mufti Borejinkpr