Former President John Dramani Mahama on Wednesday, 5th August 2020, took his turn to register for a voter Identity card at the Bole District Assembly registration centre at Bole in the Savannah Region.

Accompanied by the National Democratic Congress (NDC) 2020 Campaign Chairman Mr Joshua Alabi and other dignitaries; former President Mahama was taken through the COVID-19 protocols, presented his Ghana Card, as proof of identification, before he was registered by the officials at the centre.

Addressing the media after the completion of the exercise, the NDC flagbearer said a lot of things are happening in Ghana like the closure of radio stations, harassment of journalists and that in recent times during the Electoral Commission registration exercise the question of their citizenship, the use of the military to prevent people from registering, all shows a government that is determined to do everything to hang on to power.

President Mahama said he handed a peaceful and united country to president Akuffo Addo but nfortunately, what nation is president Akufo Addo going to hand over to him when he takes over from him in 2020.

“We will bring back the peace and unity of this country. It’s being 8 years of abandoned projects; 8 years of failed promises; 1 village 1 Dam has not materialised; all the dams dried up in the dry season, most districts do not have any factory yet and yet its all being propaganda and propaganda”; former President Mahama said.

Former President Mahama added;
“We will come back, we will restore economic prosperity in this country and we will protect our people from the Coronavirus. This government has failed in its coronavirus response and so NDC is going to come and put things right”.