It has now emerged that the self styled traditional priestess and soothsayer known as Fatima who is said to hail from the Upper West Region and based in Yeji in the Bono East Region has done worse things in a number of communities in the Savannah Region before the viral video of her leading a group of other women to lynch the 90-year old woman became public.

Bole based Nkilgi FM’s enquiries indicate the Priestess and soothsayer who was seen in the viral video leading in the beating of the 90- year old woman at Kafaba was at a number of communities in the Central Gonja District of the Savannah Region before moving into Kafaba, and her presence in the said communities made residents jittery and worried since anyone could fall victim to her witchcraft exposures.

The place of abode of Fatima in all the communities became a beehive of activities as sick people, barren women, mad or mentally retarded people and so on visited her for a soothsaying on reasons for their conditions.

Members of the Communities Fatima visited are tight lipped over her activities as a soothsayer but Nkilgi Fm has reports of torture, maiming and banishment of people named as witches and wizards. There is no confirmed death of any “witch or wizard” in any of the other communities Fatima the soothsayer visited unlike Kafaba where the 90- year old woman was gruesomely killed.

Before the beating of the old woman the “fearful” Fatima was seen as a saviour exposing “witches and wizards” across the area and was sought after by many communities in the area ostentatiously to “shake” and eliminate witches and wizards. The Chief of a Community called Yala in the Central Gonja District who is a retired police officer was the first to invite Fatima where she “exposed” a number of witches and wizards

Nkilgi FM’s enquiries indicate the “powerful” self styled Priestess (who was given unlimited opportunity to name witches and wizards) would have coursed more havoc if the video had not been made public since she is said to have received invitations from Kpembe, Kalande and other communities in the East Gonja Municipality as well as Communities in the Bole District.

Many have asked why those behind the invitation of Fatima the self styled priestess to all the communities she visited especially Kafaba have not been arrested.

Meanwhile the Savannah Regional Minister, Hon Adwm Salifu Adam Braimah has disclosed that the police are frantically looking for the self styled priestess whose action is believed to have led to the lynching of the 90 year-old woman.

The Minister who is also the Member of Parliament (MP) for the area the Chief at Kafaba is also set to be questioned by police because they don’t believe what happened at Kafaba was on the blind side of the Chief.