An unknown woman in the early morning of 21st July, 2020 went to a public toilet near the Methodist Primary School at Mempeasem in Bole town and gave birth inside the toilet after which she wrapped the baby in a piece of cloth and a polythen bag and dumped him into the manhole of the toilet.

A resident of the area who visited the public toilet heard the cry of the baby in the manhole and raised an alarm. The people of the area rushed to the scene and tried their best to take out the baby but could not.

Fire Service personal whose office is near the vicinity were invited and the baby boy was rescued from the manhole, washed immediately and sent to the Bole hospital. The baby boy has since been put in an incubator.

The Secretary of Bole based Nkilgi FM Madam Nana Alhassan who was one of the first to rush to the scene spoke on Nkilgi FM and narrated how the people of the area struggled to remove the baby boy from the manhole and after they succeeded she quickly washed the baby who was covered with human excreta and rushed him to the Bole Hospital. Madam Nana Alhassan said she has since formally reported the issue to the Bole Police.

Meanwhile residents of Bole especially the Mempeasem suburb are on a man hunt for the woman after Bole based Nkilgi FM made an announcement that the people of Bole should be on the look out and apprehend the woman who did the abominable thing.