A Journalist who is associated with a Community Radio station in Bole Mr Joseph Wereh has accused the District Chief Executive (DCE) for Bole Madam Veronica Alele Heming of not moving round with the New Patriotic Party (NPP) Parliamentary candidate for the Bole- Bamboi Constituency Mr David Sei Demah because of tribal reasons.

In a widely circulated write up Mr Joseph Wereh a Brifor whom many Gonjas in the area have always described as engaging in dangerous ethnocentrism wrote; “Unlike 2016, how the now PC David, and other Birifor guys moved with the now District Chief Executive (DCE), Hon. Veronica Alele, who was the PC then, that telepathy and friendship is missing today”.

Mr Wereh also asked of the motive of the DCE if allegations that she is busing people from other areas to register for the Electoral Commissions Voter Identity cards in the Sawla-Tuna-Kalba Constituency is true.

He wrote;
“There is recent allegation that Hon. Veronica is busing people else where to Sawla to register and vote for NPP, though she is not Sawla DCE, rather Bole. She has since denied that. But if this is true, the word is ‘if’, what would have been her motive? Why not bus them to Bole where she is the DCE? Is Bole NPP PC Birifor? Yes! Is Sawla NPP PC Birifor? No! So how do you look at the dynamics, if that is true?”

Mr Wereh also wrote on the neglect of the NPP Candidate for the Bole- Bamboi Constituency Mr David Sei Demah by other tribal groups in the area.

He said; “I am not sure that David has ever moved out with any other tribe from Bole to any Community in the constituency apart from a few Dagaabas. Today, in Bole the trend is that if you are a known NDC and a Birifor and you are spotted chatting, following or just standing with David, you are been seen as his supporter. Unlike other tribes who are free to inter-relate as brothers and sisters, which we all know existed before politics”.

He added; “My observation so far, is that the Parliamentary Candidate (PC), for the NPP, Hon. David Demah in Bole seems to have a very poor relationship with other tribes (in Bole town in particular), who are NPP. There is a missing link between party faithfuls who are not Birifors and reside in Bole and the PC. He happened to historically, be the first Birifor to rise up to that position in the constituency”.

The Journalist whose write ups have mostly stirred up tribal controversies in the Bole and Sawla area also disclosed calls from top NPP men and women on the NPP Parliamentary candidate for the Bole-Bamboi Constituency to step down and supported by other key stakeholders with alleged reports from party youth threatening to defect to other parties.

Mr Wereh wrote;
“Right from his intention to contest the position, there has been calls on him to step down, emanating from his own top party men and women. Other key stakeholders were on him, traditional media busting, social media busting and calling him names with the Lobi/Birifor tag. There were alleged reports from party youth, threatening to defect to other parties. I don’t know their reasons, but be as it may, there is that missing link”.

Meanwhile Joseph Wereh confirmed several accusations from many Gonjas that he has been using a Community Radio station to push a tribal agenda against them.

He narrated how
a Gonja public officer in Sawla was alleged to have been involved in sexual harassment.
and went ahead to lambast “vociferous journalist” who in most cases, will not allow this past, suddenly become deaf and dumb.

He said;
“The said man (who has been accused of sexual assault) once threatened me for doing a story about his organization, even though I have interviewed him on that. He was very clear that it is “Yagbon Radio that gave me opportunity to be fooling”. He was purported to have reported me to the station then, advancing that the station have given, not just me, but Birifors chance to misbehave.

Mr Joseph Wereh’s write up has been described as “dangerous” on some Gonja WhatsApp group platforms and has as well ruffled a lot feathers in the Bole-Bamboi and Sawla-Tuna-Kalba Constituencies.

While some commended him for being bold to express himself freely others described him as a tribal “warmonger” that should be checked.

One wrote; “Joseph Wereh is pushing the youth of Gonjaland to the wall but he won’t succeed what his looking for. The Gonja youth of Bole and Sawla District and the chiefs and opinion leaders have lived happily with Brifors and Dagaabas and we won’t stoop so low for Joseph Wereh who is not recognized in his own community to bring fight between Gonjas and Brifors. Brifo dont support his write ups. He is acting alone.”.

Another said; “This boy should be checked. He will bring war between Gonjas and Lobis in the near future”.

Source: nkilgifmonline.com