The National Democratic Congress (NDC) Parliamentary Candidate for the Salaga South Constituency of the Savannah Region Hajia Zuwera Ibrahimah has said that “the transportation into the Salaga South Constituency of poeple who’s covid-19 status are not known is both reckless and irresponsible and nothing should be done by any leader to undermine the health of its people in order for him or her to gain political advantage”.

A statement by Hajia Zuwera Ibrahimah on 17th July, 2020 said; “The Regional Minister as the head of the Regional security council and the MP for Salaga South, should be the last person to do acts that have the potential to undermine the security of the constituency and the region as a whole.

Haji Zuwera added;
“Busing non indegenes and residents of Salaga South Constituency from Damongo to Salaga South to register could spark anxiety both in Salaga and in Damongo”.

The statement from Hajia Zuwera further said; “It is on this score that I salute the law abiding people of Salaga South for taking their destinies into their own hands and foiling the MP/Regional Minister’s irresponsible conduct this morning”.

The Salaga South NDC Parliamentary candidate said the people of Salaga South Constituency demonstrated that they will not condone any acts of lawlessness irrespective of the source and they stand resolute in the conviction that elections must be fought and conducted cleanly and within the confines of the electoral laws of Ghana.

She added that; “In my view, we seek political office in order that we can use the office to better the lot of our people. When we therefore short change the same people who gave us political power then we are putting the enterprise of politics into disrepute. It is therefore sad that the MP for Salaga South Constituency Hon. Salifu Adam Braimah in his quest to influence this year’s presidential and parliamentary elections has thrown all caution to the wind and so in addition to breaking the electoral laws also seeks to undermine the public health of the Salaga municipality”.

“Let me use this opportunity to strongly encourage my opponent to desist from such further illegal acts and be assured that he will not we allowed to benefit from any fraudulent act as it occured the last time. We are ready for a clean campaign and a clean election”; Hajia Zuwera said.