A former Chairman of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) for the Damongo Constituency Nana Kwame Aboagye has debunked claims by the National Democratic Congress (NDC) Communication officer for the Savannah Region Mr Malik Basintale that NPP is intimidating the NDC members in the Damongo Constituency.

Chairman Aboagye speaking on Tamale based television station NTV monitored by Bole based Nkilgi FM on 14th July, 2020 said it is on record that the Communication Director of the NDC in the Damongo Constituency said he floored the deputy Nasara coordinator of the NPP.

This according to Nana Kwame Aboagye indicates that the NDC rather beat up the NPP membership in the Damongo Constituency.

On the busing of people into the Damongo Constituency to register as voters, he challenged the NDC to mention any bus that came into the Damongo Constituency with the flag of the NPP on it and alleged further that it is the NDC led by the Member of Parliament (MP) for the Damongo Constituency Hon Adam Mutawakilu who is importing people into the Constituency to register.

Chairman Aboagye said further that it is the wish of the regional chairman of the NPP to win all the 7 seats in the Constituency but from where he sits as a former Chairman, even though it will be very nice sweeping the seats in the region, he is optimistic for now that four of the seats in the region are already in the basket of the NPP. He however did not mention the 4 constituencies.

He said further that the Savannah Region or Gonjaland in general owes the NPP and President Nana Akuffo Addo since nobody in the person who contested as a Parliamentary candidate of NPP in the last elections in the Savannah Region is left without a position including the appointment of prominent sons and daughters of the land occupying prominent positions.

He said again that there is unprecedented development in the region under the NPP government which is changing the face of the newly created Savannah region.

Source: nkilgifmonline.com